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Easy WordPress Drop Downs using CSS

The snippet will help you creating an easy WordPress drop downs using CSS.

Source: AmberWeinberg

Redirecting your homepage to the first post

Simply paste the code to your site’s homepage file (mainly it is index.php file) and you will be able to redirect your homepage to the first post.

Source: Ashton Sanders

How to automatically add a search field to your navigation menu

On copying the code to your theme’s functions.php file you will be able to add a search filed automatically to your navigation menu.

Source: Ronald

Removing the “read more” jump

Adding the shortcode into your functions.php file will remove the “read more” link from your blog which will automatically takes you to the article page.

Source: Alex Denning

Redirect feeds to a single format

Adding the following shortcode to your .htaccess file will let you direct all your feeds to a single format.

Source: Digging into WordPress

How to have a simpler WordPress login url

Adding the following code to your .htaccess file will let you have the simpler WordPress login url.

Source: Kevin Chard

WordPress is_child() and is_ancestor()

To use the following snippet, simply add it in your theme’s functions.php template.

Source: CodeByte

WP – Roles and Capabilities

The snippet will let you define different roles and capabilities.

Source: Snipplr

Clear out jquery to prevent conflicts

The snippet will let you either link a script with a handle previously registered using the wp_register_script() function, or provide this function with all the parameters necessary to link a script.

Source: WordPress Codex

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