Love for Google is something that will be a never ending process so as that of the fonts Google offered. In the same way, fonts play an important role in your WordPress blog while if in case you didn’t know about Google Fonts, then you will get a smile over learning that Google has a library of about 300 webfonts which you can use on your WordPress site or blog. These fonts will load quickly as they are hosted on Google’s servers while with having an open source nature; you are completely free to use them the way you want to. In this article, we are going to share about a plugin name Supreme Google webfonts by which you can easily add these Google fonts in your WordPress post editor.

Plugin To Use: Supreme Google Webfonts

Google Fonts

The plugin will add all 291 Google webfonts into your visual editor panel when creating posts or pages. As soon as you installed and activated the plugin, you will notice an extra column at the top with a drop down list for choosing fonts to your post editor while if you are using a WordPress multisite, the plugin can be get added on all of your blogs.

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