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While one can get the answer to their problem on searching WordPress forums and the Codex, a WordPress junkie (like us) can be happier on finding that there are plenty of dedicated WordPress websites (including ours which can help one out. One can found WordPress help everywhere; all the matter of fact is what you are looking onto and how you are searching onto find your problem.

You can also start your search by looking around in the WordPress FAQs, which contains a huge collection of extensive answers to frequently asked questions. Other option you can opt for by posting your issue in the forums, while sometimes it may require longer time to get it solved as it totally depends on who is looking on your issue and how and what way response you are getting around.

In this article, I tried to detail out all those ways by which you can see your issue resolved. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of ways available out there, which includes looking around the web, finding various tips and tricks, the BEST WordPress websites which contains plenty of information and talk about anything from themes to plugins to tutorials and much more.

#1 Getting Help Using Keywords

There are huge ways by which you can search the web for finding the correct information you will be looking around. But, do you know that if not putting the right combination of keywords or single keyword for your search, you will nothing but end in making a huge mess on wasting your time. It’s better to limit your search to only WordPress resources related websites. Say, for example,


The following contains nothing but set of codes, but in actual if you check the text clearly it contains keywords in it. Specifically if you look pretty clearer, then you will notice that there is the specific errors which are failed to open stream and failed to open required while both happening within the wp-settings.php file. Now, the idea is although it’s nothing but an error, but this error will be your keyword and this is how, failed to open stream and failed opening required. All you have to do now is create a search in your favorite search engine which included the words:

Other thing you also have to keep a note that all the time finding keywords is not an easy task. Sometimes, it may require more efforts then you think upon. To note also here that if the problem you experience in CSS or HTML, you can include the specific tag or selector which has that problem, but in actual your main objective is to search for right words which will describe your actual problem.

#2 Search Terms Brainstorming

As discussed in #1 above, there are one-to-many chances that you caught up with finding out the right keywords. For that, you can try to brainstorm your keywords by first writing down the problem. Make sure here that you write your problem in a descriptive manner. Say, for example, the text we have taken from’s sister blog I2Mag:

Samsung today released a press invite to its Samsung Unpacked event which is going to take place at IFA 2013 on September 4th.

If you look onto the statement properly, you will notice that there are number of keywords are there – Samsung, Press Invite, Samsung Unpacked Event, IFA 2013, IFA – all you have to do is to arrange them properly in order to build your keyword list, which can help you out in finding the right solution for your problem.

#3 Using Search Engines

Google Site Search

To search a specific website, say in the Google search window, type your keywords with the site: reference at the end.

Google in this case will search all website and give the desired results back to you.

To narrow down your search to a specific site, say, use the site: reference and type:

Google will search only the site, which includes the search in all the pages and posts.

Yahoo Site Search

If you want to search a domain or website in Yahoo, then you can use Yahoo’s Advanced Search Page which allows you searching by domain name straightaway.

Other Search Engines

Try to check other search engines with their Advanced Search Options, for which, the details you can find at one place at the Search Engine Watch’s Search Command list.

#4 More Options

Over the top, if nothing above helps you out, we are always available for you, just buzz us up by filing up the contact form.

Photo Credit: Flickr/TMAB2003