It is every blogger’s dream to earn a decent income from their blog. Whether you started blogging to spread out your wisdom or rant your frustration, once you start getting followers and start dedicating lot of time and effort to your blog, it is natural to expect the blog to give you a little more than satisfaction in return. While people like to use display ads, on multiple occasions, we have spoken about why contextual ads are much better for you. In case, you have missed those posts, here is a small recap for you once again.

Popular advertising platforms such as AdSense hugely rely on user’s computer data to deliver adverts. So, if your blog is about quick home cooking recipes and your visitor has looked menu of some popular fast food joints before, then it is likely that the ads displayed to him/ her would be about home delivery options from the fast food joints, not only defeating the very purpose of visiting your blog, but also taking away a potential reader away from your blog.

Contrary to this, contextual advertisement works after analysing the content on your site, thereby offering your visitors the most relevant ads and helping you not only earn money from your blog but also keep loyal followers. Infolinks is one such smart advertising platform that provides relevant advertising options and with their new referral program, offers you the choice of earning more than before!

As a blogger, you are very much used to interacting with other bloggers, behind the scenes, sharing tips and ideas and tools that can help you make your blog better! Now, when you speak to other bloggers about Infolinks, you can even send them a link to sign up and in return Infolinks will share 10% of their revenue with you for the next 12 months. Infolinks has created a unique URL for you that you send your friends to get started.

You can share this URL over email, social media or use it as Hyperlink data to send it to users and all they need to do is use the link and sign up for Infolinks to become your referral. If you frequently blog about blogging itself, you can simply write a post for all your readers and insert the link in the post and you can instantly get many referrals.

Since you have already been using Infolinks, there is nothing more that you need to do. No new sign ups are required. Just log in to your Infolinks account and access your unique URL to get started. Additionally, you can even check how many people have actually signed up using your referral link with your account section and that too in real time.

In case, you need some extra help, Infolinks has also made some easy to put up banners and some simple videos explaining the advantages of their advertising platform and how it works. You can even use these to help people sign up to your referral program. With this new offering, Infolinks has provided one additional source of revenue for your blog and you should surely not miss out on this. In the rare case that you are not a Infolinks user, this is one great opportunity to sign up and get started! Infolinks is free to use and offers the most relevant ads for you and your websites visitors.