Aspiring bloggers often question me about monetizing options for their blog. It is quite easy to say that you can utilise services such as Amazon or AdSense, but any user of these services would know that it might to be quite easy to get onboard for these services but quite difficult to get them to work for you. Merely placing an advertisement is not enough. There are so many types of ad display formats, which do not necessarily match your blog type and one really needs professional help to get the most out of it. Luckily, professional help is now available as a plugin called Ad Inserter Pro.

What’s On Offer?

This simple to use plugin works on any WordPress site and with any of the advertising options such as Amazon or AdSense or any other advertising platform. All you need to do is copy the advertising code from your advertising provider where you want the ad to be displayed and that’s it. Code could be in HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript, Ad Inserter Pro can take care of it all. All you need to do is make sure you insert the code, where you want it to be displayed.

The reason why I mention, ‘where you want it to be displayed’ is simply because of the versatility of the plugin in displaying the ad. Whether you want it before or after a post, or excerpt, or even within a paragraph or before the comments, Ad Inserter Pro can do that for you. The plugin also supports ad placements in custom hook positions or fields or even before or after the body tags, thus, giving you absolute control over where ads are placed on your blog.

The Features

In today’s world where your blog gets visitors from all sort of devices such as desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, you simply cannot make your ads appear for only the majority of the users and leave others out. Ad Inserter Pro detects the visitor device and can custom modify the appearance of the ad as per your instructions. Additionally, you can even make your ads sticky, meaning they will be displayed even though the user scrolls down on the page. In case you are worried that an ad might be accidently displayed near your image or headings and take away user attention from your content, you can even define clearances where the plugin cannot insert ads.

Since users use ad blocking software, your ad serving software needs to be smarter as well. Ad Inserter Pro can replace the ads that it serves to the client, in case it detects an ad blocking software.  It can also deliver content protection and can deliver page redirection if required. The best part is that all ads are delivered with an option to close them. So, your loyal reader base need not be bombarded with ads, just because you have decided to use a plugin. They still have the control on the content they wish to see on your blog.

The real reason why I call the Ad Inserter Pro real professional help is because of the visualization options that it offers. Once you place the code, the plugin lets you preview the final product on your site. This is great value offering because you ensure that the block type you have used not only suits your blog but also the ad that you will display. Everything you need to do on Ad Inserter is through an extremely simple and easy to use interface with all settings in just one place.

Similarly, the Scheduling option lets you plan your ad displays with timing precision that no webmaster can match. Additionally, you can also create black/white lists of IP addresses or even countries to ensure that visitor content on your site such as comments, URLs, etc. maintain their sanctity and not become spam destinations.

If you are particularly keen on working with AdSense, then Ad Inserter is good news for you since their AdSense integration and code editor allows you to insert AdSense ads in the quickest way possible.

The plugin also lets you perform A/B testing and work with web analytic services such as Google Analytics, Piwik etc. to provide you detailed information about your visitors and interactions with the ads you place. In case you face some bugs, the plugin comes with simple troubleshooting options  and debugging functions that will help you resolve rare issues that you might face with the plugin. Alternatively, email support is also always available for all Pro users.

Pricing And Conclusion

Yes, Ad Inserter is also available as a free version to install and use. However, the free version does not have the 64 code blocks for ad placements but offers just 16 code blocks for its users. So, you can install the free version and try it out on your blog and if you like the plugin, which I am sure you will, you can buy it from the website directly. Ad Inserter is currently being used by over 100,000 websites around the world. Depending on the number of sites you would like to use the Ad Inserter you can buy either personal ($20), freelancer ($30), business ($50) or corporate ($100) plan for the plugin. All plans offer free upgrades for one year, plus 20% off on licence fee for the next year.

To summarize, Ad Inserter Pro offers great value for the money you spend on the plugin. Not only is it extremely open to various platforms, it is equally flexible to all blogging designs and can be accommodated on any blog with equal ease. This is the only plugin that allows blog owners complete control on when and where they place ads on their blogs and comes at an extremely pocket friendly price. Undoubtedly, it is the plugin you must have on your WordPress blog.