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Competition is a key to a growth of a business. More the competitors, better is the company’s attitude to addressing drawbacks of its product or service. But competition is not just restricted to brick and mortar businesses. Competition is everywhere and is especially tougher in the virtual world, where your business or service is competing for attention against products that are not even in your domain. Therefore, to retain your product/ service in your customer mind, you need to pay close attention to the smallest details of how your site functions or perhaps how reliable is your hosting service, speed etc. These tiny details of your website can give you the necessary edge over your competition. But to do so, you need to pick the right hosting service.

DreamPress 2 is a WordPress hosting platform that offers you a bunch of services that make your hosting life much easier. Brought to you by DreamHost, a trusted name in the online world for its array of services such as Web hosting, domain finding service, cloud storage and computing for various needs, DreamPress 2 promises the reliability and focus of DreamHost. The company aims to deliver the same values and user friendliness of its services through DreamPress 2. Does the hosting platform stand up to the mark? Read this review to find out!

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What Is DreamPress 2?

DreamPress 2 is a fully managed WordPress hosting service for advanced users whose website has a good amount of traffic and is in the phase of scaling up. Alternatively, users who are starting off on a new website but expect large amounts of traffic coming in can also use this service to save time and effort behind managing hosting for their sites. Using a service such as DreamPress 2 relieves the business owner of the hassles of managing the website, freeing up his/her time for curating the content, which is paramount to have a good site.

Features – The Details

DreamPress 2 comes with a host of features aimed at improving your websites’ performance and making hosting a hassle free experience for you. We will go through them one by one. Our most favourite feature of DreamPress 2 would undoubtedly be the pre-configuration with WordPress that the platform comes with. Since most users prefer WordPress as their content managing platform, this feature is the one everybody will definitely love. Whether you are starting off your new blog or website or are considering porting your website from another host to DreamPress 2, you can simply work on WordPress as you always have and post your next update from your new hosting provider in no time.

DreamPress 2 also comes tuned for performance. Whether you are looking to increase your website traffic or are worried that your current traffic might take a hit, DreamPress 2 gets to work the moment you move your site to ‘Live Mode’. With multiple layers of caching, isolate server resources and best versions of PHP to suit your needs, the hosting platform ensures that your transition to a managed hosting service goes smoothly, without affecting your visitors/ customers.

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Managing your hosting account is as easy as making a few clicks of the button. Whether you are looking to change your website’s configuration or options for your service, all you need to do is visit the DreamHost Control Panel and make your choices with just a few clicks. Although, DreamPress manages most of the hosting requirements, there might be an exigency where you might require some help. DreamHost has put their experience to good use here, by ensuring day and night support for all customers.

For new business setups, emails are extremely important and it can be quite painful to have an alternate domain for emails. With DreamPress 2, you can have lots and lots of email addresses created to suit your business needs and you can even use the Atmail client to access them.

What’s More?

Since WordPress regularly delivers update to this platform, you can rest assured that your site and your data are safe from prying eyes. Once again, the tool proves itself in not asking the website owner to work on backend and security related issues. Simply, handover all your website hosting related issues to DreamPress 2 and concentrate on your website.

An exciting feature for the hosting service is the addition of the eCommerce mode to sites. Organizations engaged in business to consumer commerce can even affect their sales via the website itself. The hosting service dedicates an IP address to your site and even a free SSL certificate to get your started online. Just install the plugin and you are ready to go and grow, right away.

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There are a lot of people who might argue that Shared WordPress Hosting is the best deal out there. While DreamHost also offers this option, Managed Hosting delivers the benefit of being 5 times faster than shared hosting, an advantage you do not want to miss when in a fierce competition. An added benefit is the ability to handle traffic spikes without having to bother about bandwidth caps than usually accompany shared hosting.

DreamPress 2 comes built in with PHP 5.6 with OPCache that helps you work with a wide variety of third party WordPress plugins. For master’s of the advanced craft, you can even enable PHP 7 for your site and use it with DreamPress 2. The choice is yours and easily configurable through the control panel. If you are old school and like the command line prompt for your work, that’s an option too with DreamPress 2. Dual VPS servers, 30 GB SSD for lightning fast code retrieval and automatic scaling of resources in line with your traffic ensures that your site is always up and running.

The Cost And The Conclusion

All these features and advantages for your site are being brought to you for a nominal price of $19.95 a month. For those who have seen shared hosting, this price is a great bargain. What’s more, pay on an annual basis and you get 15% off this price. So, DreamPress 2 with all its features is available for an unbeatable price of $16.95 a month only.

So, if you are looking for a quick hosting service for your website, capable of handling traffic spikes and surges and is pre configured to work with WordPress and its plugins, then there is no better option than DreamPress 2. Try it today and see the difference Managed Hosting brings to your website.

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