Your website creates the first impression amongst your potential customers about your brand or service. A good looking website leaves a lasting impression in the minds of people whereas a poorly designed one takes people away from you. In this Google driven age, where your brand can be found in an instant and needs to stand out from the sea of similar options available, can you risk creating a bad looking website? While the answer is obvious, creating a good looking website is not a difficult task that must be done by highly experienced web developer. All you need is Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes is a simple to use WordPress toolkit that lets you build your website quite easily. You need absolutely no coding experience to use Elegant Themes. Rather, it comes with a visual drag and drop editor that lets you edit your page and check it immediately. In addition to the themes, you also get access to host of great plugins that can help your website gather leads and build your social media following too. When you sign up for Elegant Themes, you get instant access to 87 amazing themes that you can use. Yes, all themes for one single price and you can use these themes on any number of websites you may have, with no limits whatsoever. So, if you have multiple brands and multiple website, all you need is one account of Elegant Themes to make some amazing looking websites.

First and foremost, you get access to Divi, the most popular WordPress theme in the world (Source: and 86 other popular themes on the internet. Simply choose from these themes, apply to your website and you are good to go. It’s that simple. Within seconds, your website will also have the popular look it has been longing for. In case you need some customizations made, there is always the Divi Builder.

With this builder, you can build any webpage you want at an insanely fast rate. Yes, there is no need of previewing your pages, because you are working on them directly. You can customize anything from fonts to colours, sizing, spacing etc. on your page and you can see the effects live. Adding content is also equally easy. Click where you want the text to be and simply start typing. Once you finish, your text will be saved.

Websites with multiple pages, usually have common elements. At times, these elements are not updated on all the pages which leave scope for misinformation to customers. With Divi builder, you can sync all such elements and update them just once to ensure that all pages carry the correct information every time. With 46 content elements to mix and match, there are many possibilities when you use the Divi Builder. Explore it more to create the page that you actually imagined! In case you are in a hurry, there are 20-odd readily available layouts too. Simply pick the one that’s closest to your idea and begin customization where you really want it.

Along with great themes, Elegant themes also gives you access to some of the most powerful plugins on WordPress. Bloom, an email opt-in plugin helps you convert your visitors to loyal followers. By encouraging your visitors to sign up, Bloom helps you create a list of followers that you can selectively target for your next product launch or seek feedback from. If your customers come from different regions, Bloom can even help you customize landing pages for them so as to specifically include or exclude some pages. With extensive designing options available, your Bloom Opt-in plugin can be customized to go with your website design, making it look unique as well.

In this age of social media, one can hardly stay away from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Social media is a great tool to get your message out to people and Monarch social media sharing plugin helps you carry out your social media campaign in style. Monarch social media plugin comes with a better design than its contemporaries, can be showcased in multiple locations and is lightning fast. With over 20 social media platforms to choose from, Monarch Plugin can applied on pictures, videos, as a pop-up, near content or simply as a fly-in. You can even customize your triggers, for when the plugin should act, giving you complete control on how you want to use your social media options.

With so many themes and plugins to offer, Elegant Themes comes at an amazingly unbelievable price. For just $89 a year, you can get complete access to all the themes, all the plugins, premium support and unlimited website usage for one year. For $249, you can premium support and lifetime updates for all plugins and themes. All purchases come with a 30 day money back policy. If you are not happy with the product, Elegant Themes will refund your payment, no questions asked!

Elegant Themes has a close to 500,000 customers who have complete access to some of the most popular themes on the internet and the amazingly fast and versatile, Divi Builder. For a small fee, you can also gain access to this community and build unlimited websites for yourself as well as your clients. All themes work with 32 languages and come with full support in the language of your choosing. With a 30 day money back policy, it has not been easier to try out Elegant Themes and try out their themes risk free. Why not get started today!