Blogging is fun and a great way to add to your income. While general advertising allows bloggers and content publishers to generate a steady source of income for them; it is not the true potential of your site. Infolinks is one tool that helps you monetize your site with the content itself. Infolinks helps you monetise from your content by display specific ads that are bound to relate to your readers, which on the long run bears fruitful results.

While services like AdSense have been extremely popular among publishers, there are quite a few subject areas where these services just do not have relevant ads. Thus, visitors on your site end up being shown Pizza delivery ads or some smartphone or hand bag from a popular online retailer, which totally puts them off. Infolinks addresses this very problem by analysing the content of your site and inserting appropriate links. This basic idea means that Infolinks now analyses more than one trillion words a month which has made it the third largest publisher marketplace in the world and drives revenue for over 120,000 publishers in 128 countries.

A rookie mistake that new bloggers make is sign up for multiple advertisement services to increase their blog revenue. But since these services do not follow the same algorithm for displaying ads, the site ends up becoming one huge mess of irrelevant ads covering up the actual content that visitors come for.

With Infolinks, users get complete control of where and how to insert these ads. You could insert ads in fold, which comes up as the reader goes through the content or simply in frame, so as not to hinder the visitor’s reading experience. If you rely on keywords advertising, then Infolinks offers you that option as well. The infolink algorithm will scan your content for the most sought after keywords, double underline them and make them your most valued keywords- helping you earn revenue from that. This system is not only intelligent but also helps your content become more relevant to the reader, thus connecting with them. Infolinks allows you to effectively make use of the screen estate of your blog to maximum capacity and monetize your blog without crowding it too much.

Now, that you how good Infolinks is, you might be interested in knowing how to get started. Signing up for Infolinks hardly takes a minute and is absolutely free. Simply go to the Join Us tab on the site and give the link to your site and create an account for yourself. You can even use your Facebook account to signup for this service. Infolinks reviews each new account submission within two business days and then lets you know if you are eligible for using the service. Once approved, all you need to do is add the Infolinks script to your blog/ website and that’s all it needs to get you started.

Infolinks also offers widgets or plugins for various blogging sites such as Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Drupal etc. WordPress users have really appreciated this plugin with over 85,000 downloads already and many others signing up every day. If you would like to see how Infolinks works, you can visit their Demo Page and give it a quick try right now. A wonderful feature, along with the advertisement options is the choice of colours that Infolinks offers. So, users can decide whether they want Infolinks plugin into blend in with their site/ blog or get highlighted as well.

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Infolinks also offers a wealth of information of how to use their products through the FAQ section and also maintain a blog to inform you about the features of the products. For any other doubts, help is just a simple form away and you can write to Infolinks for any enquiry you might have. The site also maintains a Trend Center which will keep you up to date with changing trends in advertising market and how you can alter settings on your site to maximise from changing user behaviour. In short, Infolinks is a great tool. It is simple to install and use and lets you focus on the content of your site to generate revenue.