Popups remain a dicey topic when it comes to customer retention and acquisitions. According to a recent analysis, some websites registered as much as a 50% increase in their conversion rates when they incorporated popups on their sites.

Whether you love them or you loathe them, the truth is popups get the results. By creating well-placed popups, you can get the right message across and persuade you, visitors, to be part of your email list, or take you up on your offer.

However, just adding a generic popup or form on your store may not work, because stats show that users don’t interact with basic forms or popups most of the time. This is where a lead capturing tool like Optinly can help you. Statistics show that, without a lead capturing tool, more than 70 percent of visitors on your site doesn’t come back. With the help of a well-integrated tool like Optinly, you can convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Getting To Know Optinly

Expand your email list, boost your conversion rate, and increase your revenue by using visually appealing popups visitors and customers would like to see. Optinly is designed to help eCommerce stores meet their demands and targets. It is easy to use, and it comes with several features that make life easy.

Optinly Features

  • Use a different array of popups such as fullscreen, notification, floating sidebars, time delay, exit intent, and gamification popups
  • Personalized popups
  • Robust targeting options
  • Easy installation
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Triggering options
  • Mobile friendly popups
  • The different array of popup template

Optinly Pricing

Optinly is available in two packages;

  • Free Package which goes for $0
  • Growth Package which goes for $25/month

Some of the features of these packages are shown below;

Free Package 

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • 10 free premium templates
  • One site usage
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Normal support

Growth Package

  • Five sites usage
  • 30 premium templates
  • Priority support
  • Responsive analytic dashboard
  • Integration of five email service providers


Optinly provides a robust set of features that guarantee an increase in conversion rate as well as lead generation. It is easy to use, and it offers a user-friendly interface. The fact that it comes with an interactive dashboard means anyone can make their forms and popups. Optinly is a lead generation tool that you can trust; it is a reliable choice with proper functionality and performance. It affords business owners and store owners the chance to increase revenue by using stylish and attention-grabbing popups.