The article is a second part in a two-part series of migrating your Joomla / Drupal site to WordPress.

Part 2 – Migrating Your Drupal Website To WordPress

Drupal To WordPress

Migrating from Drupal to WordPress, you do find it’s difficult on selection of plugins to choose from to let you simplifying the task. But in actual the whole process requires a lot more work on your part than migrating from other popular content management systems although if you follow the steps, then it would not be that much difficult for you.

If your Drupal site is small in size, then it would not be much a difficult task as it is easier to manually copy and paste the whole of content into WordPress. Remember, make sure you do keep a note of the URLs of each of page and keep the track of all internal links using a spreadsheet. With this article, I tried to put all the points required for migration from Drupal to WordPress.

  1. In order to get started, first create your WordPress installation in the same database in which you have your Drupal installed.
  2. Truncate the data in the WordPress tables and clone the taxonomies of categories you had in Drupal.
  3. Now clone the posts, which involve retrieving of data from all three base drupal tables.
  4. It’s time to fix all the images and files URLs in the posts. Images usually get stores in the upload folder in WordPress while Drupal stores them in its default/files/site folder.
  5. Fix the post URL now as Drupal stores the complete URL while with WordPress, only the last part stores.
  6. Count on relationships in the Drupal tables and store them in the WordPress table.
  7. Follow by this, update the category count and straightforward now migrate all the comments you have in your Drupal site.
  8. Once updated, don’t forget on to define the redirection rules which will forward all requests to the previous URLs of your Drupal posts to the new URLs of your WordPress.