The story about WordPress is simple – Code is Poetry – and why not it’s all about coding (or poetry, whatever you like to say). WordPress has been formed up with combining hundreds of thousands of short codes, all stringed together. What more? A base code is one which you see already come build up gives your WordPress blog a shape, but what about other “extra” things which you want to add-on yourself. This article speaks about those extra additional codes which you probably one-to-many times search for.

Change Default From Address

The following short code will let you change the default from addresses when WordPress sends out its emails. You need to add the snippet to functions.php file.

Source: WP-Snippets

Get Featured Image Source

Using the following WordPress function will let you get the source of the featured image easily.

Source: WordPress Codex

Exclude a custom post type from search

The short code will let you exclude a custom post type from search results.

Source: WordPress Codex

Add Additional Image Sizes

The short code will let you add an image size to your WordPress site. Make sure you place the code in your functions.php file to use in your theme.

Source: WordPress Codex

Comment Count Shortcode

The shortcode will let you display a specific post’s comment count.

Source: WordPress Codex

Detect iPhone users

The shortcode will let you detect iPhone users.

Functions to Fetch Custom Field Values

Adding the shortcode in your functions.php file will let you fetch custom field values.

Source: WP-Snippets

Limit Search Results to Specific Post Types

On placing the following shortcode in your functions.php file, it lets you exclude your custom post types from search results.

Different admin and theme languages

The shortcode will define one language for admin and the other for theme.

Remove theme editor submenu

Using the snippet to functions.php file will let you remove theme editor submenu.

Source: WP-Snippet

Photo Credit: Flickr/Rosa Menkman