It’s quite a confusing task when one summoned on which one to use for archive pages – full post or just an excerpt. While both options got its own advantage and disadvantage and this is what we planned to discussed in this article.

When building a website, two factors one probably think of – 1. On how the whole of website will perform i.e. whether it will be easily brows-able by the visitors and they can easily find up what they are looking for. and 2. Does the website performing well in the search engines also i.e. does with the help of search engines, visitors will be able to locate the content on our website easily.

Load Time

Since a post contains a huge combination of both images as well as content and if one is using an excerpts in an archive pages, then without a doubt the page load time will increase. Plus, the visitors get an additional option on to browse and search the content via categories, tags, dates on offer.

Duplicate Content

Excerpts on your archive page will let you being saved from duplicate content issue in search engines. While if in case you put on the full post on archive pages, then it wills nothing but ends with duplicating the data as now the same content will be displayed in number of pages.

Pageviews and Bounce Rate

Site visitor often leave the website which loads slow. As again using the excerpts in your archive pages, you increase pageviews as well as reduce bounce rate automatically because in order to read the full content, visitors have to click through to enter into the full post page to read the content.

Who Wins At The End?

Two possibilities comes into existence here, if you are having your content short in length and don’t contain much images, then it is preferable to opt for full posts on your archive page BUT if the content is long and contains number of images, then without a doubt, it is good to use excerpts for your archive pages.