Boom!!! This will be the first reaction comes your mind when your site got hacked. You got frightened and even for some starting minutes you dazzled on thinking to what to do next. Well, starting with the first thing which is recommended here is that you reset password for all users of your WordPress site or blog. This might take an extra time if you have a lot of users on board.


In order to shorten your work and letting you get an extra air to breathe, I recommend you on using a plugin name Emergency Password Reset plugin which will ease your job and will automatically notify all users to set their new passwords via email. To start with you need to install and activate the plugin first.

Once you activated the plugin, check onto the Users > Emergency Password Reset and click on the Reset all passwords button. And doing this, the plugin will instantly reset passwords for all users, including the admin user who initiated the password reset as well as email all the users with their new password.

Plugin In Use: Emergency Password Reset

The plugin allows the admin to reset all the passwords and automatically email them out.

How it works?

  • When you click rest passwords, the plugin recreates random passwords for every user and emails them the new password.
  • If the user doesn’t get the email they will have to click the Lost password link to recreate their password.
  • It is also advisable you change your SALTS in the wp-config.php file which will force logouts for all users.

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