You completed building your WordPress blog, but still feels that something got missing – what is it? It’s the questions which coming up in your mind. Questions like “Is my WordPress blog secured?” Do I have the best WordPress Security Plugins installed?” “Do my blog contain no security risks?” There are one-to-many things involved which staining in and around your WordPress blog. The best bet to avoid such risk is with the use of some good security WordPress plugin.

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There are numerous security plugins available out there – some are good in performing one task and some are good in performing others – but what if one gets all the things in one single box of goodies, the security plugin which can do most of your work. I have been sharing as well as reviewing to ease your job a very good WordPress security plugin, Better WP Security plugin. The plugin is good, efficient and completes the entire task which one looking onto security perspectives.

With one-click activation for most features as well as advanced features for experienced users Better WP Security can help protect any site. The plugin takes the best WordPress security features and techniques and combines them in a single plugin thereby ensuring that there will be no security holes out there in your site.

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  • Scan your site to instantly tell where vulnerabilities are and fix them in seconds
  • Ban troublesome bots and other hosts
  • Ban troublesome user agents
  • Prevent brute force attacks by banning hosts and users with too many invalid login attempts
  • Strengthen server security
  • Enforce strong passwords for all accounts of a configurable minimum role
  • Force SSL for admin pages (on supporting servers)
  • Force SSL for any page or post (on supporting servers)
  • Turn off file editing from within WordPress admin area
  • Detect and block numerous attacks to your filesystem and database
  • Detect bots and other attempts to search for vulnerabilities
  • Monitor filesystem for unauthorized changes

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  • One-click protection
  • Create and email database backups on a customizable schedule
  • Make it easier for users to log into a site by giving them login and admin URLs that make more sense to someone not accustomed to WordPress
  • Detect hidden 404 errors on your site that can affect your SEO such as bad links, missing images, etc.
  • Works on multi-site (network) and single site installations
  • Works with Apache, LiteSpeed or NGINX (NGINX will require you to manually edit your virtual host configuration)
  • Some features can be problematic if you don’t have enough RAM to support them. All my testing servers allocate 128MB to WordPress and usually don’t have any other plugins installed. I have seen issues with file check and database backups failing on servers with 64MB or less of RAM, particularly if there are many other plugins being used.

Download, Installation & Configuration

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  • Backup your WordPress database, config file, and .htaccess file
  • Upload the zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Unzip
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Visit the Better security menu for checklist and options
  • If in case you don’t want to configure Better WP Security yourself but still want to make sure your site is secure as possible? You can purchase premium installation and configuration for Better WP Security.

Summary & Review

Better WP Security is an easiest and most effective way I have ever found to secure WordPress. The plugin will improve the security of any WordPress site you own or linked up in seconds. It includes the best WordPress security features and techniques on board one thinks of. I recommend to use the plugin as it will let you make your site secure in better ways.


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