How you connect a reader with similar category posts in your WordPress site? Or how you let your readers know that there are plenty of posts you and/or your team written down which comes under same category. The answer is you are in the need of one such plugin which let you display a list of related posts both on your website and in feed.


Contextual Related Posts is one such plugin which help you achieve the aim as it will let you display related posts on your WordPress blog and feed. Moreover, it also supports thumbnails, shortcodes, widgets and custom post types while the list is based on the content of the title and/or content of the posts while helps you retain interest of your readers, reduce bounce rates and refresh old entries.



  • Automatic: CRP will start displaying related posts on your site and feed automatically after the content when you activate the plugin. No need to edit template files
  • Manual install: Want more control over placement? Check the FAQ on which functions are available for manual install.
  • Widgets: Add related posts to widgetized area of your theme. Lots of options available
  • Shortcode: Use [crp] to display the posts anywhere you want in the post content
  • The algorithm: Find related posts by title and/or content of the current post
  • Caching: Related posts output is automatically cached as visitors browse through your site
  • Exclusions: Exclude posts from categories from being displayed in the list. Or you can exclude posts or pages by ID
  • Custom post types: The related posts list lets you include posts, pages, attachments or any other custom post type!
  • Thumbnail support
  • Styles: The output is wrapped in CSS classes which allow you to easily style the list. You can enter your custom CSS styles from within WordPress Admin area
  • Customisable output

Installation, Download & Configuration


WordPress install

  • Navigate to Plugins within your WordPress Admin Area
  • Click “Add new” and in the search box enter “Contextual Related Posts” and select “Keyword” from the dropdown
  • Find the plugin in the list (usually the first result) and click “Install Now”


Manual install

  • Download the plugin
  • Extract the contents of to wp-content/plugins/ folder. You should get a folder called contextual-related-posts.
  • Activate the Plugin in WP-Admin.
  • Goto Settings » Related Posts to configure
  • Optionally visit the Custom Styles tab to add any custom CSS styles. These are added to wp_head on the pages where the posts are displayed


Summary & Review

On using it for the first time, you will get the mixed feelings that whether I am using the right system or not, but sooner or later, you felt that yes I made a right choice. And this is all because that while the plugin lets you display related posts both on your blog and feed, it also supports thumbnails, shortcodes, widgets and custom post types. In short, you are getting all the things at one place. I will say and suggest you to give a try, it’s worth a shot.


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