Discounts are necessary marketing tactics for any eCommerce store. One thing you can’t take away from online shoppers is the need to look out for the best deal. So creating a discount offer is a norm for eCommerce stores all around.

So it is imperative that, if you are operating a WordPress or WooCommerce store, you have a discount strategy on hand, to attract, and retain your online shoppers. By default, WooCommerce offers a standard coupon strategy. However, to boost your discount strategy in your store, you can employ the services of discount plugins. One of the best WooCommerce discount plugins in the market is Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Generally, setting up a discount plugin on your store is a breeze, if you are employing a quality premium plugin, and quality is what you get when you use Discount Rules for WooCommerce.

Discount Rules For WooCommerce

This is a rather popular plugin in the WooCommerce plugin in the world that will assist you in setting up discount offers on your store. The plugin enables you to create dynamic discounts on your store according to user roles, categories, buying history of user, cart items, and products. It also enables users to set up buy one get one free (BOGOF) offers in addition to price adjustments according to various shipping destinations.

Generally, Discount Rules is found to be useful because of its easy-to-use interface, and different array of features. All of the tools of the plugin are designed to enhance your sales conversions. What Discount Rules give is the most convenient way to add discounts based on various criteria to set a dynamic user interface, thus making your efforts a bit easier.

Some Features Of Discount Rules Discounts

  • Provide discounts according to the total number of orders, the value of cart, or number of line items
  • Set up percentage discount for your products globally
  • Place a discount for a particular time frame
  • Show available discounts on the product page
  • Choose specific products to be exempted from discount order
  • Specific alerts on cart page if a discount is applicable


  • For 1 Site, Discount Rules goes for $49
  • For 5 Sites, Discount Rules goes for $69
  • For 25 Sites, Discount Rules goes for $99


Discounts are a fundamental faction of any online store. Having one that you can trust can be the key to ensuring to gain new customers, and you hold on to the existing ones. Discount Rules For WooCommerce ticks all the boxes, and it gives you the necessary features to set up discounts on your store.