An old or new blogger – whatever you are – you would be always interested in finding the ways by which you can engage more and more people to your blog. There are certainly numerous social share plugins available out there, but finding the one which influences the maximum is always the prior choice.

Flare - 1

Reading and exploring about different WordPress plugins at par from time-to-time make me stand on a chance to think that do I ever get a combo of simple as well as eye-catching social sharing bar plugin and result of which when I read first about Flare. I feel this is what I want to explore, experiment more and if good, will definitely recommend to all.

Flare - 2

Flare allows you to let you share your content shared through posts, pages and media types. Plus as I said above, the plugin comes with both assets simple yet eye-catching. The plugin configure multiple share icons for some of the most popular sharing services including Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Google+ and Pinterest.

Flare - 3

Download, Installation & Configuration


  • The quickest and recommended way to install the Flare Plugin is simply by going to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and search for it there.
  • If you type in “Flare” it will be the first result and all you have to do is click “Install Now.”


  • Navigate to the Flare plugin settings to configure it.

Flare - 4


  • You can configure multiple share icons for some of the most popular sharing services like Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Google+ and Pinterest.
  • You can easily order your icons, customize their icons’ appearance.
  • Control which post types your Flare appears on.
  • Display your Flare at the top, bottom, left or right sides of your post content.

Flare - 5

Points To Note

  • The plugin works well in IE7+ as well as current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
  • Admin interface requires a modern browser (e.g. anything not IE 6-8 :).
  • Utilizes jQuery for JavaScript processing, although it is setup to work properly with other libraries, your experience may vary.
  • Requires PHP 5.2+.
  • The plugin is free to use while it is not actively supported by the author, but will be monitored for serious bugs that may need correcting.

Flare - 6

Summary & Review

The plugin is fairly good and well enough to impress and influence your blog readers. I will give 10 on 10 on plugin interface looks, it is really very impressive. I will say you to give it a try.


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