Although WordPress is one of the best website and blog platforms out there, there is much that needs tweaking and fine tuning. There are times when working on WordPress can get frustrating, especially if you are stuck in a technical rut.

Maintain a successful blog or a website can be a tough job. There is so much to look after, content, SEO, templates, media, the list goes on. But this tedious task of getting the minute things right can be done at the click of the mouse without having to put in all day categorizing, editing, correcting, using the right tools. One such tool is the WordPress Media folder.

Managing media files on WordPress has never been simple. With the WP Media Folder, you can now categorise, segregate and store your media files directly on WordPress making life much simpler. The media folder is fairly simple, you drag and drop your media folders onto you WP media manager and you are done. If you want to retrieve a media file, you just search for it on the manager and it done. If you are disarrayed with your website, this straight forward, user friendlyextension will make life sweet and simple.

No need to get rid of old stuff

If you are thinking that downloading a new kind of plugin mean you have to get ride, or perhaps deal with to competing software, well you are wrong. WordPress Media Folder is compatible with the already existing WordPress Media Manager, which means that you don’t have to stop using one because of the other.

The WordPress Media Folder transforms the native WordPress Media Manager into real media classifier, or in other words making it much better than it already is. You no longer have to worry about losing media files just because you are working with a new plugin. The WordPress Media Folder integrates itself seamlessly to the existing plugin to give you a hassle free experience while upgrading your already existing version.

WordPress Media Folder also works very well with other Plugins that come native to the WordPress platform. The two plugins work great together.

Easy to use

If there is anything that we expect in an application it is for it to be user friendly and simple to use.  The WordPress Media Folder works exactly like your desktop file browser. With this Media Folder you can easily find files that you have already uploaded, without much hassle, saving you time and effort.

Create Multiple Folder and files lightning fast

The WordPress Media Folder is not only user friendly but also light, and fast. This means it does not put any pressure on your existing system, making its slow and lethargic. It is smooth like the default media manager and fast as well.

If you love to organise and categorise your media on your WordPress platform then you will love Media Folder. This app allows you to store your media in multiple files and folders, which while retrieving is just a click away.

Duplicate and replace media easily

Replacing existing media was kind of a troublesome task before, but not anymore. Now it is just a click away. You no longer have to search through your entire content to find what you are looking for, you just select media click replace, and you are done, it is as simple as that.

Duplicating media has also never been easier. If you want to make modifications to an image without hampering the original this comes in handy.

It is all in the details

From assigning images to folder covers, to adding design to your files, there is very little that the Media Folder can’t do. Apart from handling media piles, the WordPress Media Folder also handles other kinds of documents.

If you are multiple users that handle the account, things can get a little messy. Which is where the WP Media Folder comes handy again, allowing you to put restrictions on users (or allowing them access) to various media files. But that does not mean they can’t make their own, they can have their own root files that they can create and have access to.

With the WordPress Media Folder you can also upload bulk files without much hassle. Plugins like Google Drive, Drop Box and PDF come embedded in the Media Folder as well, making life simpler for you.


The plugin comes with three-tier pricing system. The cheapest one comes at a price tag of $29 which offers plugin plus six months support and update while the most popular one comes at $49 which includes plugin plus add-on plus a year support and update.


WP Media Folder is most definitely an important tool if you are a serious blog or website that has a lot of media and folders to handle. WordPress Media Folder is one of the best plugins out there, that can not only give you great results but it can also make life much easier.