Although I reviewed earlier Disqus commenting system and even my love for Disqus still the same, but on recommendation from one of my friend over the weekend, I did a review of a plugin name Re-Vu: Review and Comment System. The name itself sounds a combination of two things –  review and commenting which might sound at first place that yes possibly the plugin is one of the best option available among others big players, but why and what for? I opt for this plugin and ditch the ones I am using it from the long time.



The Re-vu comment system replaces your traditional WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by Re-vu. The plugin which is designed keeping the following objectives in mind: versatile, functional, and practical for both you and your clients. The plugin will let you increase traffic to your website while all that with simplifying the process for your visitors to register and login via Facebook or Twitter accounts.


  • Free
  • Easy to use and install
  • Works well on all websites
  • Secure
  • Integrates seamlessly on WordPress
  • Powerful moderation tools and features
  • Full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists

Installation, Moderation & Import Comments



  • Backup your database before installing the Re-Vu plugin for safety precautions.
  • Sign up for Re-Vu or sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Copy the embed code into the wp-content/plugins directory (Be sure to maintain the directory structure of the archives, ensuring that all extracted files exist in the wp-content/plugins/re-vu-comments-system/). You can also copy paste the embed code into any HTML WordPress page.
  • Go to “Comments” in your blog administration to change the settings and start using Re-Vu.


You can moderate comments from WordPress> Comments > Re-Vu.

Import Comments

To import existing comments, go to the admin panel WordPress> Tools > Export choose “All content” and download the file. Click on WordPress in and download the file.


Summary & Review

It’s like great using the plugin since I am getting all the things under one place, but I believe though I have been using Disqus from quite longer time plus with no direct requirement of review (as such) to be included in my current system, the plugin is of no use to me (at least at this very moment). But if you want the review and commenting feature both at one place, then this will be your perfect choice. Will say give it a try yourself, I am sure you will love it too.


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