As for any professional blogger will say a thing that “One can earn money from his/her content” but what more if that content can gives something more extra. With in recent times, an increase in responsiveness in WordPress theme and with higher adoption rate of it among bloggers, now more blogs or websites opened in better ways in mobile and result of which it encourage more mobile users to visit the blog often.

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Not only this, but counting on other stats, there is 80% chance that your readers have a smartphone and among that half the chance are there that they have been using it to read a blog or browse a website. If all this stats are correct and with even an average half the percentage of that much chance for a reader to visit your blog or website, then why not you add up a plugin name smartAPP from youAppi which will enrich your content as well as let you as a blogger earn money per click with the best personalized mobile application recommendations technology.

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By installing the youAppi’s smartAPP plugin and placing smartAPP widgets on your pages and posts you can engage readers with the best free mobile apps, earn money for clicks on mobile applications and over the top provide personalized recommendations to each user based on his/her reaction to the apps shown.

Download, Installation & Configuration


  • The quickest and recommended way to install the smartAPP Plugin is simply by going to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and search for it there.
  • If you type in “smartAPP” it will be the first result and all you have to do is click “Install Now.”

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  • Navigate to the smartAPP plugin settings to register it.
  • Make sure your account is credited, double check that your email is configured correctly, and you receive the confirmation email within 24hours.


  • Navigate to the widgets section and add the ‘smartAPP’ widgets to your sidebars and footers where relevant.
  • You can place multiple widgets and configure each with a different configuration.

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Widget Configurations

  • Widget title
  • Application Display Format – Matrix or Vertical
  • For Matrix format you can define: Widget size: 1×1 – presenting one app, 2×2 – presenting 4 apps, 3×3 – presenting 9 apps
  • Define icon size proportions if you want to reduce or enlarge the size of the apps icons
  • Define if apps names are presented
  • Define apps relative icon sizes
  • Set if the widget will show-up every time or only when accessing the web page through mobile platform

Summary & Review

Although I get to review a lot of awesome themes and plugins as a result of writing for and I enjoy that immensely. smartApp is one of those plugins which impresses me a lot. In conclusion I found smartApp to be an incredible app for anyone looking for a better way to enrich their content and earn money per click at the very same time. I highly recommend this app.


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