So, you are really happy with the look and feel of your new website and as the number of visitors soars, you must be quite proud of the work you have put in and how it is rewarded in terms of visitors and their comments. But as your site becomes popular, there is a major worry that webmasters face and that is spam. While it might not seem a major hurdle right now but as your site grows it becomes the one, the only way to avoid spam is to get a spam filter for your site. Not only does it help you fight spam, it also helps you maintain a clean site for your growing number of visitors. Today, we will review CleanTalk, a premium anti-spam service available for webmasters which works with an efficiency of 99.998%.

Why CleanTalk?

Traditional spam fighting methods involve answering some questions or doing some basic math or worse still, identifying some hard to read text. Needless to say, these methods distract users from the comments they want to make or feedback they would like to give. Rather many people simply refrain from commenting because the CAPTCHA looks tough. CleanTalk instead simplifies the whole process of commenting and allows users to write to their hearts content and publish without asking to verify if they are human. Once the comment is posted, the CleanTalk plugin connects to its cloud server and checks if key parameters are okay and whether the comment is a genuine one. If yes, it simply posts it, if not, it blocks it for you immediately.

The best part about the plugin is that it does not take much a time to install the plugin on your site and once done, it remains invisible to your visitors. So, even the faithful most of your visitors will not recognize that you are trying to keep out spammers and the user experience of your site remains unaltered. If you are harassed by visitors who use foul language, CleanTalk stops them immediately and holds them for moderation by you so that you can ensure that your site remains clean for all your visitors.

Anti-spam filters usually work for comments but cannot do much else. This is where CleanTalk stands out from other anti-spam plugins because it does not work on comments alone but also checks registrations, contact emails, orders, bookings, subscriptions, opinion polls, widgets etc. for any spam activity and blocks it immediately. The advantage of using a cloud based service is your spam protection is updated on an everyday basis and you do not fall prey to any new spamming activity that has mushroomed recently. CleanTalk also lists IPs that is suspect of spamming and fraudulent activities on its website and you can check its recently updated list before you even subscribe to the service.

The Spam Firewall

Additionally, CleanTalk also offers a Spam Firewall service. This spam firewall checks each and every visitor of your site, without affecting user experience and if it is a spam bot does not allow the visitor to reach your site. This ensures that all traffic reaching your sites servers is genuine and is not spam. This way, your servers’ well as your resources remain available for all genuine visitors and are not spent on spamming or fraudulent users.

Just like its signing up process, the CleanTalk dashboard is also pretty simple. It gives you details of all requests that are logged onto your site while also allowing you to create private black lists for the anti-spam service as well as the firewall service. It also gives you the freedom to block users from a particular country or group of countries and even block comments using certain stop words that are unique to your site.


CleanTalk’s anti-spam services are available on a yearly contract that can be cancelled or upgraded any time. Irrespective of the package you take, CleanTalk gives you infinite number of spam checks. Offers for Anti-spam services start at $8 for 1 website and are available for 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 websites (price being $160 for a year). All the anti-spam services remain exactly the same irrespective of the package you take and you can even start with a free 7 day trial before committing to a package of your choice.

Final Words

Overall, CleanTalk offers a great service for all types of website users irrespective of the platform they use for their content management. With affordable pricing and a wide variety of features that deliver good protection as well as complete control on your website, CleanTalk is a tool that is a must have in a webmaster’s kitty. CleanTalk is quick to install and works like a charm against all spam bots and fraudulent IPs and keeps your website safe from harm.