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Adding Multi-Column Content In Your WordPress Blog

Advanced WP Columns

It is pretty much common that you will be interested in adding multi-column content in your WordPress blog. The end purpose can be anything you wish of BUT the decision of adding multi-column will leads toward better prospect in creating a clear post. In this article, we will be going to discuss on how one can add multi-column content layout.

Steps To Follow

  • You need to install and activate the plugin name Advanced WP Columns plugins.
  • On activation, go to a post or page edit screen in your WordPress dashboard where you will notice a new button name “Advanced WP Columns” in the visual editor.
  • On clicking, it will allow you to easily create column layouts.
  • You get an option on to choose anything from pre-set two, three or four column layouts.
  • On selection, now all you have to do is to drag the Add button to the columns bar to create a new column while if you want to delete a column, simply drag and drop the Remove button to the column you want to remove.

Plugin To Use: Advanced WP Columns

Advanced WP Columns plugin provides you to set up your blog content in the multiple columns using simple user interface, without any short codes.

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How To Insert Ads Within Your Post Content In WordPress


You might have noticed the number of times that different blogs are showing up adverts in between their post content. Well, I am sure you do know well the purpose of insertion of such adverts (for monetization purpose) but I am also sure that you too want such kind of similar solution for your own website. In this article, we will be sharing with you that how you can insert ads within your post after specific paragraphs.

Steps To Follow

  1. Install and activate the plugin name Insert Post Ads.
  2. Once activated, you will notice a new menu item known as Post Adverts.
  3. Click on Post Adverts >> Add New
  4. On the next screen, you need to add the name of your ad, enter the ad code itself and select the paragraph you want to display the ad code after.
  5. Once done, simply click publish.
  6. Now go to Post Adverts >> Settings to select that in which post types you want to show your ads on.

Plugin To Use: Insert Post Ads

The plugin allows you to insert ads after paragraphs of your post content. Content ads get the best click through rate. If you want to increase your CTR and Google AdSense revenue, then you need to start adding ads within your post content and this is one such plugin which will help you achieve that.

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Reviewed – Table Of Content Plus Plugin

A huge (header) points between the content requires a good and massive well build-up indexing and unless and until if you have something relevant with you on your WordPress site, it will create a mess. On second note, learning the fact and in actual the love for Wikipedia, people love it not just only for the information one gets, but the way the interface has been developed from the group up. Now, what if – you will get both the things under one hood. Well, yes this is possible as in this article I am going to review a plugin name Table Of Content Plus.


The plugin Table Of Content Plus is built from the group up with keeping Wikipedia in mind. The content table (by default) will appear before the first handing on a page. It is a combination of powerful as well as user friendly plugin which will automatically creates a context specific index or table of contents (which basically required for longer pages as well as custom post types). The plugin gives the freedom to have lead-in content in the site which in turn may summarise or introduce the rest of the pages.


  • A powerful yet user friendly plugin that automatically creates a context specific index or table of contents (TOC) for long pages (and custom post types).
  • It can also output a sitemap listing pages and/or categories across your entire site.
  • It also uses a unique numbering scheme that doesn’t get lost through CSS differences across themes.
  • It is a great companion for content rich sites such as content management system oriented configurations.
  • It includes an administration options panel where you can customise settings like display position, define the minimum number of headings before an index is displayed, other appearance, and more.
  • Custom post types are supported, however, auto insertion works only when the_content() has been used by the custom post type.
  • Each post type will appear in the options panel, so enable the ones you want.


Installation & Configuration

  • Upload the table-of-contents-plus folder into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • You can change the default settings and more under Settings > TOC+ while keep a note that this plugin requires PHP 5.


Summary & Review

I like this plugin, not just because it eases my job but also it’s like what I am seeking to, I am getting all of them under one hood. Say, if you are not a coding savvy and want to have a long post with wish to include an index before the first heading, then this is where this plugin will help you out. It’s good and I highly recommend the plugin to all.


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Reviewed – youAPPi’s smartAPP WordPress Plugin


As for any professional blogger will say a thing that “One can earn money from his/her content” but what more if that content can gives something more extra. With in recent times, an increase in responsiveness in WordPress theme and with higher adoption rate of it among bloggers, now more blogs or websites opened in better ways in mobile and result of which it encourage more mobile users to visit the blog often.

smartApp Image - 1

Not only this, but counting on other stats, there is 80% chance that your readers have a smartphone and among that half the chance are there that they have been using it to read a blog or browse a website. If all this stats are correct and with even an average half the percentage of that much chance for a reader to visit your blog or website, then why not you add up a plugin name smartAPP from youAppi which will enrich your content as well as let you as a blogger earn money per click with the best personalized mobile application recommendations technology.

smartApp Image - 2

By installing the youAppi’s smartAPP plugin and placing smartAPP widgets on your pages and posts you can engage readers with the best free mobile apps, earn money for clicks on mobile applications and over the top provide personalized recommendations to each user based on his/her reaction to the apps shown.

Download, Installation & Configuration


  • The quickest and recommended way to install the smartAPP Plugin is simply by going to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and search for it there.
  • If you type in “smartAPP” it will be the first result and all you have to do is click “Install Now.”

smartApp Image - 3


  • Navigate to the smartAPP plugin settings to register it.
  • Make sure your account is credited, double check that your email is configured correctly, and you receive the confirmation email within 24hours.


  • Navigate to the widgets section and add the ‘smartAPP’ widgets to your sidebars and footers where relevant.
  • You can place multiple widgets and configure each with a different configuration.

smartApp Image - 4

Widget Configurations

  • Widget title
  • Application Display Format – Matrix or Vertical
  • For Matrix format you can define: Widget size: 1×1 – presenting one app, 2×2 – presenting 4 apps, 3×3 – presenting 9 apps
  • Define icon size proportions if you want to reduce or enlarge the size of the apps icons
  • Define if apps names are presented
  • Define apps relative icon sizes
  • Set if the widget will show-up every time or only when accessing the web page through mobile platform

Summary & Review

Although I get to review a lot of awesome themes and plugins as a result of writing for JustWP.org and I enjoy that immensely. smartApp is one of those plugins which impresses me a lot. In conclusion I found smartApp to be an incredible app for anyone looking for a better way to enrich their content and earn money per click at the very same time. I highly recommend this app.


1. Is your product the Next Big Thing? Wanna have the whole of world heard what you are coming up with via our website? We have two options for you to submit your WordPress-related product or service to be reviewed on JustWP.

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How To Protect Your WordPress Website From Thieves?

The article title itself gives you the first glimpse that what actually I am going to talk about. Is it just like a regular theft or more than that? It happens very often that you found people over the internet using your work i.e. your content, your images, your videos or more even your whole of website as it is.


Using the work sounds fine at least till the time if one give proper credits back, but in mostly (or better maximum 7 in 10 cases), people never put back the proper credits back to you. In short they just simply reproduce your work for their own use. This is what it called to be as stealing. Isn’t a sound hard to be heard that someone steal your work via internet?

Now what if they steal of say if someone going to steal your work? Do there are ways by which you can protect your work – your digital property – from these thieves who just don’t care and simply without taking permission from you steal your work all at once. With writing this article, the main purpose for me to discuss various means by which one can save the digital work. The ways are simple and even result oriented.

Let’s begin with discussing the various things on your website that can be theft out.

Content: The first variant without which your website can’t describe anything. Stealing the content is the simplest way as all one have to do is highlight the content, and then just click CTRL+C and your content is copied. Once copied, one can place it anywhere.

Image: The theft of images is the most common theft. With no security measures taken into consideration, the best way to just right click on the image and click on SAVE AS, and your image is gone i.e. stolen. While another method is to “hotlinking” the images i.e. when a person uses the original link of other website on its own to use someone else’s images.

Videos: Another possible stolen variant is videos. It’s quite an easy task to steal someone’s videos. For doing so, all require is right click on videos (this works with many videos) and one can grab the content simply. In case if you can’t, then one can use the extensions which are easily available for Chrome and Firefox that lets one to download videos.

Downloads: The method not come as direct way of stealing, but say if someone is looking on your server’s directory structure, then it’s hardly a matter of bit of time to find all your digital downloads. Also, one can share you download link or download package directly or on black hat websites.

iFrame: The process is as simple as copying the whole of video with the help of iFrame, but in this one is actually iFraming whole of your website. This means that the whole of website content is showing under the iFrame without giving the visitors back to the original website in return.

What Can Be Done Now To Protect?

You really not want to think that something like the above mentioned happened to your website, but it does happen. The majority of such compromises happen sometimes not only to steal your website but also to use your bandwidth. In order to help you out in avoiding such a massacre, here are our top selected plugins which will help you and your site protected:

WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection is a simple plugin which uses multiple techniques in copy-protecting your blog content. The plugin will disable the common copy methods, such as right clicks, image dragging and keyboard copy shortcuts.


  • iFrame Protection
  • Disables right click function on mouse
  • Disables image drag and drop function
  • Disables ‘Hold to Copy’ function on most mobile devices
  • Displays a client-side error message when Javascript is disabled
  • Disables combo keyboard command (CTRL A, C, X, U, P) copy/paste/print/view source
  • Automatically removes the image link URL and defaults the upload settings to ‘none’

More Info | Download

Transparent Image Watermark

The plugin will allows you to automatically add a PNG watermark images with transparency to all images as they are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. The plugin also supports simple text watermarks with adjustable color, size and transparency.


  • Manually Apply Watermarks to Images Previously Uploaded
  • Fully Adjustable Image Watermark Position
  • Fully Adjustable Text Watermark Position
  • Adjustable JPEG Image Output Quality
  • Highest Quality Watermarks using Image Re-sampling rather than Re-sizing
  • Lifetime Priority Support and Update License

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No Right Click Images Plugin

The plugin uses JavaScript to change the right click action on IMG tags to disable context menu. It disables the context menu on images only so other right click actions, such as links, should work normally. The plugin will find many images generated in scripts or pasted into posts and comments, which similar plugins will not find.

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Bulk Watermark

Bulk Watermark

The plugin allows you to watermark your previously uploaded images using a PNG image file with transparency as well as text signature. You can set your watermarks to always be a specific percentage of the target image and will let you add the watermarks to ALL of the images in your WordPress uploads directory.


  • Fully Adjustable Text and Image Watermark Positions
  • Adjustable JPEG Image Output Quality
  • Highest Quality Watermarks using Image Re-sampling rather than Re-sizing
  • Lifetime Priority Support and Update License

More Info | Download


The plugin allows you to display a watermark within each images being “hotlinked” from your website. A hotlinked image is an image hosted on your website but displayed on another website by an unscrupulous webmaster.


  • Add a watermark to all hotlinked image from your blog, on the fly!
  • All generated pictures are buffered into a directory for optimised use
  • Choice of watermark: can be a text or a picture
  • .htaccess update if needed
  • Can save all the referers (website which steal your bandwidh) on a csv file
  • Create/delete the buffer directory on install/uninstall of the plugin, for non-wasted disk space
  • You can choose between 4 fonts for the watermark, and select text and (optional) shadow colors

More Info | Download


CopyRightPro is a free version of Wp-Copyrightpro plug-in that prevents the copying of texts and images from your blog, if you install this plug-in, your content of WordPress will be protected.


  • Disable selection of text
  • Disable right click on your WordPress
  • Protects from iframes Only in wp-copyrightpro Version
  • Protects from drag and drop images Only in wp-copyrightpro Version
  • WP-CopyRightPro doesn’t have problems with search engines

More Info | Download

If you need more assistance in protecting your WordPress website, we offer a range of WordPress services from WordPress installation to theme setup right through detailed product/service review. Take a look on what we offer by checking on the following link.

Photo Credit: shizhao via photopin cc

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