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Adding Multi-Column Content In Your WordPress Blog

Advanced WP Columns

It is pretty much common that you will be interested in adding multi-column content in your WordPress blog. The end purpose can be anything you wish of BUT the decision of adding multi-column will Read More

How To Insert Ads Within Your Post Content In WordPress


You might have noticed the number of times that different blogs are showing up adverts in between their post content. Well, I am sure you do know well the purpose of insertion of such adverts (for Read More

Reviewed – Table Of Content Plus Plugin

A huge (header) points between the content requires a good and massive well build-up indexing and unless and until if you have something relevant with you on your WordPress site, it will create a mess. Read More

Reviewed – youAPPi’s smartAPP WordPress Plugin


As for any professional blogger will say a thing that “One can earn money from his/her content” but what more if that content can gives something more extra. With in recent times, an increase in Read More

How To Protect Your WordPress Website From Thieves?

The article title itself gives you the first glimpse that what actually I am going to talk about. Is it just like a regular theft or more than that? It happens very often that you found people over Read More

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