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Are you a WordPress blogger looking for a good way to make money? Are you looking for an Ad Unit for your blog that is not an eye sore? Are you bored of the standard banner ads that everybody has on their blog? Well, for an enthusiast like you, eZanga Intext is the right advertising platform that will not only satisfy your worries but also make some money for you as you blog. Here is how you can get eZanga for your WordPress blog or website.

eZanga Intext is a smart plugin available exclusively to WordPress users so that they can monetize their blog or website in a more effective way. Gone are those days when Banner ads meant business. With the new format, in text ads, you can now monetize your blog by not pushing ads in the face of your website’s visitors and also offering more relevant ads that people are more likely to click on. It’s a win-win situation for you as a blogger and even your visitors who get more relevant content from your site.

Getting eZanga plugin for your site is quite simple. Just head over to the WordPress Plugin Directory and download the eZanga plugin available on the site. The plugin can be installed very quickly after which you need to get yourself an account on the eZanga publisher platform and link it with the plug in. Once this is done, the plugin takes care of all the rest. From looking for relevant adverts for your content to placing them within your content, is the plug in is responsibility which it does quite well.

eZanaga Intext

The plugin is quite flexible and lets you place ads where ever you want on the blog, giving you complete control of how your blog looks. You can also decide the number of adverts that can be displayed on a page so that you are not bombarding your visitors with too many in text ads. All this requires absolutely no knowledge of coding what so ever.

However, if you are an advanced blogger, you would be happy to know that the eZanga platform provides an advanced method of controlling where the ads are placed. Just enter the relevant CSS class name and you can control where an advery can or cannot be placed. Additionally, you can even exclude certain words that you would not like to be part of the advertising options available on the eZanga network. Like any other ad platform, approval of a new account may take 1-2 business days but other than that, the plugin works instantaneously.

In case, you are stuck somewhere, you can fire away an email to the dedicated tech support at eZanga or simply get in touch with a representative at 888-4-EZANGA on all weekdays between 9 am to 6 pm. The team behind eZanga is well experienced and have been in the digital market for over 12 years. Their other products such as AdPad and Traffic Advisors Infinity have been serving thousands of publishers for many years now.

eZanga’s proprietary software, Traffic Advisors Infinity is capable of bringing genuine traffic that other advertising platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo cannot match. With eZanga Intext, the company aims to provide an equally powerful tool for publishers and is something that you as a WordPress blogger should not miss out on.