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Calling this the age of technology is a little outdated; now the internet has become a space that has engulfed the retro version of studying as well. Gone are the days when you would have to enrol into a university for a course, even if it was distance education, wait for the mail to get your course books, and then open the books just days before the exam. The internet has brought about a new wave to the distance learning program, bringing fort a dynamic change that has revolutionised virtual studying.

The e-learning industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the past decade or so.  Well, if you are a website that deals with academics and training, you are lucky. The learning management software system has seen a boom in the past few years, and has become a new trend on the internet.

How to go about it

If you are an academic site, you already know the value a course will add to your content and to your viewership. The process is simple install the new LifterLMS and your work is already half done. With a great 30 day money back guarantee, you can rest assured that you will have good value you’re your money. The Lifter learning management system is simple, you download the software, and it does the rest for you. You can then concentrate your efforts on creating more phenomenal content for your site, and manage your readers and audience.

With LifterLMS, you get a very intuitive interface, making it extremely easy to manage, and create anything you want. You can build better courses, plan quizzes and help students’ tract their progress. The LMS is so well thought of that you can have groups for students to have discussions, as well as private student teacher discussions. You also have the freedom of blending in Google hangout, for those lessons that need to be more interactive.

As far as the quizzing and grading is concerned, it couldn’t have been easier. You can add incentives like giving away fun batches, achievements etc. on completion of milestones. You can also have scheduled email notifies to intimate potential students as well as students who have not logged in for a while.

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But why should you just choose LifterLMS, when there is a whole bunch out there. Well the answer is simple, nowhere will you get a more simple, easy to use, power packed software that does all the work for you and more. With the LifterLMS, you do not have to invest in any other plugin to get any extra feature that you have thought of. With LifterLMS you do not even have to have a tech guy come and install any extra feature for you.

Things like a shopping cart and pay features comes pre built in the software. You can easily accept payment via PayPal or Stripe. If you ever think of going on a promotion spree, do not fear, with LifterLMS you can do all of that with an integrated coupon management feature. The LMS prides itself on being created by educators for educators, and with what they have to offer, we definitely think it is a well thought off software.