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Monetize Your Website With eZanga Intext

eZanaga Intext Main

Are you a WordPress blogger looking for a good way to make money? Are you looking for an Ad Unit for your blog that is not an eye sore? Are you bored of the standard banner ads that everybody has on their blog? Well, for an enthusiast like you, eZanga Intext is the right advertising platform that will not only satisfy your worries but also make some money for you as you blog. Here is how you can get eZanga for your WordPress blog or website.

eZanga Intext is a smart plugin available exclusively to WordPress users so that they can monetize their blog or website in a more effective way. Gone are those days when Banner ads meant business. With the new format, in text ads, you can now monetize your blog by not pushing ads in the face of your website’s visitors and also offering more relevant ads that people are more likely to click on. It’s a win-win situation for you as a blogger and even your visitors who get more relevant content from your site.

Getting eZanga plugin for your site is quite simple. Just head over to the WordPress Plugin Directory and download the eZanga plugin available on the site. The plugin can be installed very quickly after which you need to get yourself an account on the eZanga publisher platform and link it with the plug in. Once this is done, the plugin takes care of all the rest. From looking for relevant adverts for your content to placing them within your content, is the plug in is responsibility which it does quite well.

eZanaga Intext

The plugin is quite flexible and lets you place ads where ever you want on the blog, giving you complete control of how your blog looks. You can also decide the number of adverts that can be displayed on a page so that you are not bombarding your visitors with too many in text ads. All this requires absolutely no knowledge of coding what so ever.

However, if you are an advanced blogger, you would be happy to know that the eZanga platform provides an advanced method of controlling where the ads are placed. Just enter the relevant CSS class name and you can control where an advery can or cannot be placed. Additionally, you can even exclude certain words that you would not like to be part of the advertising options available on the eZanga network. Like any other ad platform, approval of a new account may take 1-2 business days but other than that, the plugin works instantaneously.

In case, you are stuck somewhere, you can fire away an email to the dedicated tech support at eZanga or simply get in touch with a representative at 888-4-EZANGA on all weekdays between 9 am to 6 pm. The team behind eZanga is well experienced and have been in the digital market for over 12 years. Their other products such as AdPad and Traffic Advisors Infinity have been serving thousands of publishers for many years now.

eZanga’s proprietary software, Traffic Advisors Infinity is capable of bringing genuine traffic that other advertising platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo cannot match. With eZanga Intext, the company aims to provide an equally powerful tool for publishers and is something that you as a WordPress blogger should not miss out on.

Meet Infolinks, A Smart Offering To Monetize Your Websites


Blogging is fun and a great way to add to your income. While general advertising allows bloggers and content publishers to generate a steady source of income for them; it is not the true potential of your site. Infolinks is one tool that helps you monetize your site with the content itself. Infolinks helps you monetise from your content by display specific ads that are bound to relate to your readers, which on the long run bears fruitful results.

While services like AdSense have been extremely popular among publishers, there are quite a few subject areas where these services just do not have relevant ads. Thus, visitors on your site end up being shown Pizza delivery ads or some smartphone or hand bag from a popular online retailer, which totally puts them off. Infolinks addresses this very problem by analysing the content of your site and inserting appropriate links. This basic idea means that Infolinks now analyses more than one trillion words a month which has made it the third largest publisher marketplace in the world and drives revenue for over 120,000 publishers in 128 countries.

A rookie mistake that new bloggers make is sign up for multiple advertisement services to increase their blog revenue. But since these services do not follow the same algorithm for displaying ads, the site ends up becoming one huge mess of irrelevant ads covering up the actual content that visitors come for.

With Infolinks, users get complete control of where and how to insert these ads. You could insert ads in fold, which comes up as the reader goes through the content or simply in frame, so as not to hinder the visitor’s reading experience. If you rely on keywords advertising, then Infolinks offers you that option as well. The infolink algorithm will scan your content for the most sought after keywords, double underline them and make them your most valued keywords- helping you earn revenue from that. This system is not only intelligent but also helps your content become more relevant to the reader, thus connecting with them. Infolinks allows you to effectively make use of the screen estate of your blog to maximum capacity and monetize your blog without crowding it too much.

Now, that you how good Infolinks is, you might be interested in knowing how to get started. Signing up for Infolinks hardly takes a minute and is absolutely free. Simply go to the Join Us tab on the site and give the link to your site and create an account for yourself. You can even use your Facebook account to signup for this service. Infolinks reviews each new account submission within two business days and then lets you know if you are eligible for using the service. Once approved, all you need to do is add the Infolinks script to your blog/ website and that’s all it needs to get you started.

Infolinks also offers widgets or plugins for various blogging sites such as Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Drupal etc. WordPress users have really appreciated this plugin with over 85,000 downloads already and many others signing up every day. If you would like to see how Infolinks works, you can visit their Demo Page and give it a quick try right now. A wonderful feature, along with the advertisement options is the choice of colours that Infolinks offers. So, users can decide whether they want Infolinks plugin into blend in with their site/ blog or get highlighted as well.

Infolinks Main

Infolinks also offers a wealth of information of how to use their products through the FAQ section and also maintain a blog to inform you about the features of the products. For any other doubts, help is just a simple form away and you can write to Infolinks for any enquiry you might have. The site also maintains a Trend Center which will keep you up to date with changing trends in advertising market and how you can alter settings on your site to maximise from changing user behaviour. In short, Infolinks is a great tool. It is simple to install and use and lets you focus on the content of your site to generate revenue.


Reviewed – youAPPi’s smartAPP WordPress Plugin


As for any professional blogger will say a thing that “One can earn money from his/her content” but what more if that content can gives something more extra. With in recent times, an increase in responsiveness in WordPress theme and with higher adoption rate of it among bloggers, now more blogs or websites opened in better ways in mobile and result of which it encourage more mobile users to visit the blog often.

smartApp Image - 1

Not only this, but counting on other stats, there is 80% chance that your readers have a smartphone and among that half the chance are there that they have been using it to read a blog or browse a website. If all this stats are correct and with even an average half the percentage of that much chance for a reader to visit your blog or website, then why not you add up a plugin name smartAPP from youAppi which will enrich your content as well as let you as a blogger earn money per click with the best personalized mobile application recommendations technology.

smartApp Image - 2

By installing the youAppi’s smartAPP plugin and placing smartAPP widgets on your pages and posts you can engage readers with the best free mobile apps, earn money for clicks on mobile applications and over the top provide personalized recommendations to each user based on his/her reaction to the apps shown.

Download, Installation & Configuration


  • The quickest and recommended way to install the smartAPP Plugin is simply by going to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and search for it there.
  • If you type in “smartAPP” it will be the first result and all you have to do is click “Install Now.”

smartApp Image - 3


  • Navigate to the smartAPP plugin settings to register it.
  • Make sure your account is credited, double check that your email is configured correctly, and you receive the confirmation email within 24hours.


  • Navigate to the widgets section and add the ‘smartAPP’ widgets to your sidebars and footers where relevant.
  • You can place multiple widgets and configure each with a different configuration.

smartApp Image - 4

Widget Configurations

  • Widget title
  • Application Display Format – Matrix or Vertical
  • For Matrix format you can define: Widget size: 1×1 – presenting one app, 2×2 – presenting 4 apps, 3×3 – presenting 9 apps
  • Define icon size proportions if you want to reduce or enlarge the size of the apps icons
  • Define if apps names are presented
  • Define apps relative icon sizes
  • Set if the widget will show-up every time or only when accessing the web page through mobile platform

Summary & Review

Although I get to review a lot of awesome themes and plugins as a result of writing for JustWP.org and I enjoy that immensely. smartApp is one of those plugins which impresses me a lot. In conclusion I found smartApp to be an incredible app for anyone looking for a better way to enrich their content and earn money per click at the very same time. I highly recommend this app.


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How To Monetize Your WordPress Blog?

You often wondered that how the big blogs make money. The answer for that is because of huge Affiliate links they place on their sites. If you are running one such blog and getting a decent amount of traffic, then why not add extra hands to earn money. Although it’s still pointed that people avoid it at par even these days but it’s good to have some affiliate links as it’s hardly require any extra work for you. All you have to do is to place a link on board in between the content, while you can also place the affiliates’ banners in your blog ads area.  With this article, I will talk about how you can monetize your WordPress blog and make money just like others.


Which Affiliate Network To Join?

The first question which does create confusion for you as the list is huge from which you can choose upon totally depends as per your requirements. There are hundreds of affiliate products which have been offering hundreds of thousands of products which are running their own affiliate program, giving you huge options to choose from. Placing such products on your blog, you will earn a commission from that. The more the sale you did via the link you have on your blog, the more money you make. Start by selecting and then signing up to some of these affiliate networks and start browsing the products which you think will make a perfect fit for your blog.

What Next?

Now, you done with selecting the affiliate network which you like to have for your blog. The next step is choosing on the plugin which let you manage affiliate links with ease. There are number of plugins available – both free and premium – which helps you with the task. Both free and premium plugins come with their own pros and cons, giving you different level of freedom to manage your affiliate links. Say, for example, using one plugin will allow you to update your affiliate links which you used in different posts in your blog in the one go, instead of going and doing the same manually for all those posts.

Free Affiliate Plugins


The plugin will offer you the right tools to maintain an Affiliate Marketing Program with offering a solid framework for developers, who are interested in building their own customized solutions based on a sound data model.

More Info | Download

Easy Affiliate

The plugin is an Auto-Affiliate Plug-In. It turns any link into an affiliate link from over 3000 affiliate partners, that when clicked, earns you money.

More Info | Download

WP Auto Affiliate Links

The plugin provides you an interface to add your affiliate links and associate them with keywords. The affiliate links will be added to all the terms specified found in your content.

More Info | Download

Premium Affiliate Plugins

Affiliate Machine

The plugin allows you to add affiliate hyperlinks to any keywords or phrases throughout whole website or particular posts or pages. You only have to create list of relevant keywords and set your affiliate link for them. Once set, the plugin will highlight and hyperlink these keywords with your affiliate link throughout whole website or particular posts or pages automatically.

More Info | Demo | Price: $12

eBay eStore Affiliates Plugin

The Plugin allows you to create a store featuring eBay products in no time. Once you setup, you can import your products directly from eBay in just a flash.

More Info | Demo | Price: $25

Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

The plugin allows you to create a store featuring Amazon products. Once you done with setup, you can import products directly from Amazon.

More Info | Demo | Price: $25

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