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Surprisingly hundreds of times troubleshooting does not leads to give you proper results as one or more plugins have not deactivated and/or re-activated properly as it have to be. More the worst is it will leads you even towards get locked out you out of your own WordPress admin panel (basically an oops! Here) resulting in you can’t deactivate any of these plugins in an easy manner.

The condition makes you lead and think that what can possible be done in order to get the issue solved. In this article, we discussed the two possible methods with which you can disable all your plugins without worrying about WP-Admin access. If in case some problem comes between either by deactivating or got any further query, do revert us back via comment box below.

Using FTP

  1. Login to your FTP panel or your host’s file manager
  2. Once in, navigate to the /wp-content/folder where you will see a folder called plugins.
  3. Rename the folder with some different name, say plugins_old.
  4. Once you done with renaming, all of your plugins got deactivated all at once.
  5. If problem are with your plugins, then doing the above will leads you get into your /wp-admin/ after login.
  6. Once you done, go again back to your FTP panel and rename the plugins_old in your /wp-content/directory to plugins.
  7. Now activate each of plugins one at a time and you are done.
  8. Make sure, the problem which is behind the cause of problem, you do report to its author about the error.

Using phpMyAdmin

  1. Once you are in your site’s phpMyAdmin, go to your WordPress database.
  2. In your WordPress database, go  in the wp_options table
  3. Here locate the option name as “activate_plugins” and edit the value of that option and change it to a:0:{}

Although the second method – using phpMyAdmin is much easier as compared to first, but its good if you are not aware much of your cPanel or even deeper of your phpMyAdmin activities well, then it’s better to opt for using FTP method to deactivate all your WordPress plugins.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Konstantinos Mavroudis 

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