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Thanks to the ways with which we have been enhancing with different things at pace which results in bringing a lot more substantial things into place. While for marketers, the question arises and still frightening their minds that whether the QR Code – Quick Response Code – are still there in use or they just get over.

It is quite even obvious that people not much aware about QR Code. Well, if in case, you too fall in same category, then to let you know that QR Code is a two dimensional matrix barcode which often being utilized by websites, virtual stores as well as online communities. It is basically as image with black squares, white background and dots in a square shape container. It is mainly seen by use for offering offer exclusive discounts, show special offers and more.

If you want to add such QR Code in your WordPress blog or site, then it’s better to go by easy and simple way by installing and activating a plugin which is suitable for the job. It name as QR Code Generator plugin. The plugin on installation will give you the freedom to use QR Code inside your post and pages with using the simple shortcode something like this:

Plugin In Use: QR Code Generator

The plugin will allow you to easily create a QR code on any site of your WordPress installation. The QR code contains the current URL or any other text you like.

How to use it:

  1. Use the shortcode [QRcode] within your site to generate a QR code including the URL of the current site
  2. Use the following short code to generate a individual QR code with any text content: [QRcode content=”CONTENT” size=”120″ alt=”ALT_TEXT”]
  3. Its not necessary to give any parameters!
  4. Possible parameters are: alt, size, class, credit, shadow
  5. If you dont give any parameter like ‘alt’ or ‘size’, the standard parameters are: alt = “Scan the QR Code” size = 120 class=”” credit = true shadow = true

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Photo Credit: Flickr/giaLLLO!