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2015 Best SEO, CRO And Social WordPress Plugins

When someone says that their site is hosted at WordPress, it speaks for itself. You are sure to come across a site that is elegantly laid, sophisticated in its own right and unlike any other you may have encountered on the web. Additionally, the siteoutlay is extremely fluid, easy to use, with just enough icons and options. But to get the combination right can be a bit of a struggle.

WordPress alone plays host to over 74 million websites, these also include some very famous news, fashion and various hobby sites. Now for such a popular platform, it is only justified that you have plugins that takes care of every little detail, leaving you, the webmaster, to choose from over 36 thousand plugins. This, although amazing in every way, can get vey overwhelming, when you have to scan through, for the ones that you would probably and most definitely need.

So when you have such a conundrum, what do you do? Well, there is a simple solution to it – the infographic set up by setupablogtoday.com. The infographic is a great tool for those looking for SEO plugins for WordPress, CRO plugins and Social Plugins. Each category boasts the top plugins, with star ratings and a small description for each plugin, making it extremely easy for you to make the final choice while another cool piece of information that the infographic shares is the popularity of the plugin, in terms of how many people have used it thus far.

So if you are looking to create your blog and are in the need for some help with your plugins, why not try the infographic. The best part about the whole thing  is that its simple and straight forward, giving you the information without you having to read a whole lot of junk or getting bummed by technical jargon. It’s just the information you need in just the right number of words!


Reviewed – Floating Social Bar

With the world turning towards social, the use of social media share buttons are a must for every internet entity, then whether it will be a site, a blog or even web software. These social media share buttons can help significantly impact your site’s presence on the global scale as well as give the site visitors an extra way to spread the love. While there are hundreds of thousands of social media plugins available out there, but the best one will be the one which is a light-weight, easy to use and simple in nature.


On trying my hands out on the plugin name Floating Social Bar, I feel I found the one which I am looking onto from quite a good time as the plugin brings all the things which I am looking for. The plugin developed by Syed Balkhi (WPBeginner) and Thomas Griffin (author of Soliloquy slider). The plugin supports all major social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest while the best part the plugin brings in is the ability which allows the eye-catching social media bar which gets you maximum shares in return.


Download, Installation & Configuration

  • Extract the zip file.
  • Drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  • Activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  • Go to Settings > Floating Social Bar for options.





Options Under Settings

  • Social Bar Label – If you want label for your social media buttons, then here you can add while if you want nothing here, then leave it empty.
  • Show Bar On – You can toggle Floating Social Bar for each post type
  • Twitter username – Add your Twitter handle here while if you don’t want, then leave it empty.
  • Interval to Update Stats
  • Pinterest Image Fallback – if you want to use Pinterest button, then you have to add image URL to use as fallback image for posts that have no images in them.
  • Make Social Bar Static – Uncheck this and you have a Plain Social Bar
  • Disable Socialite –If you disable this, the native social widgets will never be used and buttons your visitors see will be plain links that look like sharing widgets.


Summary & Review

It is an amazing WordPress social media button as it brings all the things together along with vibrant options like “Make Social Bar Static” and “Disable Socialite.” I recommend using this but since there are plenty others also available, it’s on you that using the social media button for your site what in actual you are looking for.


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Adding Social Media Icons In Your WordPress Sidebar

With social media makes huge place in our daily lives, there is no doubt that displaying such social media buttons on your site also results in encouraging users to follow you more on different social media networks, resulting in increase in influence on them. The question lies beneath that which particular and fastest way that adding which plugin will leads towards adding social media buttons in your WordPress site sidebar.

Social Media Icons

Although there are number of plugins available out there which you can use, but as pointing on to do the job quickly and efficiently, I will recommend of using of any of plugin from the following: Simple Social Icons, Social Media Widget and Acurax Social Media Widget. With this article will be discussing the use of each of these plugins.

Simple Social Icons

The plugin is an easy to use, customizable way to display icons which link visitors to your various different social media profiles. The plugin will let you easily choose which profiles you can link with or customize color and size with as well as aligning them to either of left, center or right from the widget form.

More Info | Download

Social Media Widget

The Social Media Widget is a simple sidebar widget which allows users to input their social media website profile URLs and other subscription options. The plugin will then display an icon on the sidebar to that social media site and more that open up in a separate browser window.

More Info | Download

Acurax Social Media Widget

The plugin allow you to add widget to your site sidebar linking social media icons to your social media profiles.

More Info | Download

Best Pinterest WordPress Plugins


With entering into a social media age, the love for using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest saw a huge interest of people using them. Facebook defines as an all-in-one social website, while Twitter is great for hashtags where as Pinterest makes things perfect for pinning favorite sites.

It’s being a year to me to use Pinterest pinning different things. And, not only me, but I believe the same with all those who has fall in love with the social tool. It’s not just its social nature but also it makes us think beyond on what other social networks are offering.

In recent times, with there is an increase in number of blogs all around, people have been trying to find out ways of sharing things with others, resulting into gaining deeper influence. To help you gain those influence factors for your blog, I have compiled a list of best Pinterest WordPress plugins available.

Pinterest “Pin It” Button

The plugin adds a Pinterest “Pin It” Button to your site and get your visitors to start pinning your awesome content!

More Info | Download

My Pinterest Badge

The plugin adds a Pinterest badge on your blog to your pinterest profile and showing your number of followers and recent pins.

More Info | Download

Pinterest RSS Widget

A widget to display thumbnails and titles of the latest Pinterest Pins from a specific user via their Pinterest RSS feed.

More Info | Download

Pinterest Pin It Button

A simple plugin that lets you output a Pinterest “Pin It” button via shortcode.

More Info | Download

WP Pinterest

The plugin integrates Pinterest and its different assets and goodies with your WordPress site.

More Info | Download

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

The plugin lets you add a “Pin It” button over your images, so users can add it to Pinterest easily.

More Info | Download

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

A simple must-have widget for the Pinterest addict! It will let you display thumbnails of your latest Pinterest pins on your website.

More Info | Download

Pinterest Badge

The plugin adds a Pinterest badge for linking your blog to your pinterest profile and showing your number of followers.

More Info | Download

Pin It On Pinterest

The plugin places a Pin It button at the end of your posts, and allows you to predetermine what gets “Pinned” at Pinterest.

More Info | Download

Alpine PhotoTile for Pinterest

Stylish and compact plugin for displaying Pinterest images in a sidebar, post, or page.

More Info | Download

Pinterest Lightbox

The plugin adds Pinterest to the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

More Info | Download

Photo Credit: Flickr/Roxanne Ready

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