It’s quite an often times when you think, believe and wish that you get more than one author for your blog i.e. you do comes to the time when you wish to have guest authors with you on board. That time you wondered what will have to be done so that your users can submit posts to your WordPress blog without creating a user account while you do want that any content which gets submitted to your blog will be first moderated by you.

Users Registration

Submitting Posts Without Registering

  1. To start with, you need to do is to install and activate the plugin name User Submitted Posts.
  2. On activation, go to Settings » User Submitted Posts to configure the plugin.
  3. On the settings page, under the options you can configure the things which you want users to add. It’s totally on you that how many fields you want to add.
  4. You can also allow users to upload images as well as set a limit for images number and size.
  5. Once done with all this, in order to display the content submission form, simply create a new page or post and page the following shortcode which in turn will display the submission form: [user-submitted-posts]

Submitting Posts With Registering

  1. Thanks to the in-built ability with which WordPress comes with, you can define user roles and capabilities at an earliest stage itself.
  2. Users can register on your site and create content using WordPress admin interface with limited capabilities.
  3. To start with, go to Settings » General, check Any one can register next to Membership option with choosing Author or Contributor as the default user role.
  4. To let users know they can register, simply drag and drop Meta widget to a sidebar with which users can register as well as login to the blog.
  5. You can add or remove capabilities to user roles or create new roles with only the capabilities you want.