If you have got an online community website wherein you want your members to register and interact with one another – WordPress’s inbuilt registration/login would not work so well.

Enter UserPro – a front-end user WordPress community plugin that enables you to manage your membership site without hassle. UserPro is loaded with features and provides you with registration and login features along with stylish front-end profiles to pep up your membership site.

UserPro enables you to create several custom profile fields, offering you complete flexibility in developing your registration form. As a matter of fact, it allows you to set up numerous registration forms and give each form a default assigned user role (customer, manager, subscriber, and so on.)

Better still, you can select which fields you want to be editable or private or displayed during registration. The plugin comes with a massive list of shortcodes that allow you to implement and customize the plugin just the way you want it.

The Feature List

  • Login and registration forms
  • Showcase beautiful user profiles
  • Enhanced member directory
  • Badges and achievements
  • Front-end publishing
  • Searchable member list
  • Restrict website access
  • Setup a social network
  • Seamless integration
  • WPML compatible

Setting Up Profiles Has Never Been Easier

UserPro enables you to incorporate registration, login and front-end profiles to your WordPress membership site. This means your members will no longer experience problems with the back-end profiles. You can generate custom profile fields and completely rework the registration forms (and user profiles) to match up with the other parts of your website.

UserPro is acclaimed for its fully responsive design, login options (using username or email), search enabled member directory, easy shortcodes, inbuilt FontAwesome icon support, spam stopping reCaptcha, WooCommerce auto sync and much more. This plugin undeniably comes with great features.

Member Directory / Profile Displays

UserPro provides an excellent way drive engagement while you showcase your users’ profiles. It allows you to display a searchable member directory. You can filter this listing by user roles or custom fields. Moreover, you can showcase your currently active users and your latest members.

Restricting Content

UserPro also means that you can restrict content to verified accounts, members, or particular user roles. Even though this function is not elaborate enough to develop a full membership website, it is perfect for the little things.

For instance, you might restrict certain information to buyer accounts. Or maybe restrict content exclusively to verified authors. Also, you can decide to restrict your entire website for visitors. If enabled, all end users will have to log in/sign up before they can view any content.


You can setup redirects whenever users log in/sign up. You can place the redirects based on certain conditions. For instance, you can redirect all members who select a particular country while signing up to a unique web page.

UserPro Pricing And Documentation

The plugin, with an excellent buyer rating of 4.41/5.00 and over 15, 000 purchases, is offered with lots of other features and costs only 29 dollars. You can visit Code Canyon to purchase the UserPro plugin. They offer you an in-depth knowledge base if you require any assistance with the plugin.

This And Much More

With UserPro, you just don’t get what is on the box, but much more. UserPro has great community features, it allows you to promote specific user as well as it allows you to customize the way you display member lists, show latest members, and much more. Moreover, the plugin is loaded with add-on’s that not only make your life easy, but are great to up the popularity of your site.

Add-On –

  • User Rating Add-on
  • Profile complete Add-on
  • Tags Add-on
  • Messaging Add-on
  • Social wall Add-on
  • WooCommerce Add-on


Taken as a whole, UserPro is a smart approach to perk up the functionality of WordPress membership sites. You can rebuild your registration and login process; fit in gamification and online community aspects into your website. All these for just $29.