What do we intend when we talk about Virtual Reality?

Although it is not very common and diffused as its relative is, the “world wild web” (WWW), the VR is almost as old as the Internet – play today.

Virtual Reality consists in viewing, visiting and interacting with a simulated 3D world.

In 1994 a very interesting and complete VR was first introduced to the world thanks to a “museum”, which gives the opportunity to take a “walk tour” to visit the structure.

Since that day the technologies and science have made enormous steps forward and nowadays the virtual world is “reality”.

A lot of famous brands are investing tones of money and efforts in creating new fascinating games and applications entirely to be used in this modality.

We already use this incredible technology on a daily base, even if we do not realize it. When we navigate on the internet or we play, we are partially using it.

The future isn’t predictable, but we can anyway say where the technology is going, then, we can assume that the next future can see augmented and virtual reality applied to everything we know.

If you are frying an egg or you are visiting a pyramid, it is very likely that you are wearing a visor and gloves.

There is no limit if not the “human fantasy” and we have learned that the fantasy does not have limits.

We can hazard that the next future will be as virtual as real.

VR and Slot Machines

As we said limits consist of will.

If we want, we probably will be able to use VR for literally everything.

The technology already offers a taste of what the world could be in the next 15, 20 years, and the virtualization of reality is, for sure, one of the goals of many of the biggest software houses.

The games for consoles are an example of what can be reached.

Although online casino games have been launched on the market many years ago, they still are very appreciated, and many players can’t wait to see what the technology holds for them, then we do not exclude the possibility that all Slots will be, very soon, playable either in the “traditional” way either using a helmet and gloves.

There are already a few examples of casino games which are immerse in a virtual reality and can be played using the current technology. We are talking about Oculus Rift slot machines.

Interacting with the cyberspace won’t be a problem or an exclusive privilege for rich people, on the contrary, the more the technology advances, the more it becomes for everyone. Raise and hand and grab that crank, the metal is cold, that guy who is sitting next to us smells like a chimney, he probably smokes cigars, the lights are too bright, I can’t see the screen, I’m fed up, I quit. Who can tell if you have lived those sensations in the real world or in the VR?