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How To Add PHP Functionality To WordPress Posts And Pages

Although by default, you are not allowed to execute PHP functionality in your WordPress posts and pages but with advancement in programming and with an increase in need arises, it is as important as Read More

How To Divide Your WordPress Posts Into Multiple Pages


It’s been a quite longer time that we are getting regular inquiries over the question that how one can divide the big, long WordPress posts into multiple pages. So, today to help all you guys, Read More

Best Plugins For Your WordPress Posts


As a blogger, the first thing which plays an important role for us is how our post area is presented i.e. what it includes and what it don’t. Does it contain social media buttons, do it contains Read More

How To Add Facebook Follow Button In Your WordPress Blog


The day Facebook comes into existence, it took the whole of web-o-sphere into social storm. There are one-to-many ways available by which one considers on sharing and following things through Facebook. Read More

How To Create YouTube Video WordPress Post Automatically


It is quite one-to-many times when we required adding YouTube video to our existing or new WordPress posts. While the first thing which we thought usually for this is to embed the code directly Read More

Adding WordPress Widgets In Post And Page

There comes a condition in front of you many times when you wish that your favorite sidebar will get added to your post and page content. But the confusion over on this exactly will be the best bet Read More

Writing Your First WordPress Post


So you are starting with your WordPress writing realm i.e. writing your first post, but how you can achieve this? Is it really so tough or just simple like anything one can think of. Well, will Read More

Using Password Protection For WordPress Posts


You often wondered that what or will it be possible to have password protection set for WordPress Posts. The answer is yes, it’s possible although you have to do some minimal work which we will Read More

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