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Meet Wrike, Your Online Project Management Software Tool


Following up with your team is one of the most dreaded tasks as a project manager. Planning a project, delegating it, and setting deadlines can sometimes be the easy part. The problem begins when you have to follow up for project status. This is where the long list of emails, phone conversations, and late night text messages start pouring in and the sleepless nights of project management begin.

But what if we told you that there is a project management tool that helps you collaborate on your project with such ease that even your colleagues don’t mind going that extra distance for you. Welcome to Wrike, the tool that you have been looking for.

Traditionally, project management is executed through spreadsheets and emails. Any modification or updates to the project means making changes, forwarding it to the team, and hoping that everybody checks their email in time to avoid unnecessary work.

Wrike takes away all the communication barriers that email has created over the years by embracing modern technology and putting it directly into the user’s hand. Some examples include communicating with @mentions, just like Facebook or Twitter instead of lengthy emails. Or even better, using the email directly to assign yourself or a team member a task and also sync it with your Calendar, all at once through a small button within your Gmail.


Once Wrike becomes your project management tool, your team members can focus on tasks rather than searching for status updates. Even if somebody misses a meeting, all updates will instantly be applied to their Dashboard and they will know if priorities have changed or deadlines have been modified. Wrike’s collaboration friendly document editor allows multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. So, as you edit the document, your colleague could be adding images and rectifying errors at the same time.

Once done, the document is available to all and there is no need to send one another back and forth. The activity stream lets you provide instant status reports so that you don’t even have to answer the intercom anymore. The Wrike mobile app boasts of the same functionality as their desktop management tool and you can keep a tab on workflow even when traveling.

Wrike even lets you keep strict access control on your files so your company’s sensitive information is available to only a select few. My Work is a place to handle your work away from project tasks. Here you can make up your mental notes or draw up plans for the future and share it with others when the time is right. And, in case your day is busy, simply drag the remaining tasks for the next day or week to be reminded later.

For all the tasks assigned under a project, you can use Custom Workflows that suit your team and your style of work. So not everything is ‘started’ and ‘completed’, you can provide details if something is under review, something is pending or high priority, or kept on hold.

Wrike also lets you check the workload of your team members to avoid burnout, especially towards the end of the deadline. This is what Wrike is all about, bringing transparency to your processes and increasing collaboration and reducing time spent on seeking updates.

Often projects tend to be repetitive and it’s boring to redo a project schedule just because it’s new. Wrike simply lets you duplicate entire projects and make changes where necessary. Not only do you save time in designing schedules of the project, but your colleagues get a quicker start which means less pressure even with short approaches.


All this and many more features of Wrike are at your disposal for a small fee of $99 a month if your team consists of 15 members or less. If you are smaller group of about 5 users, then the fee drops to $49 a month or you can even try it out for free with a few features.

All users get a free trial to start with, so why not give it a try today! There are also some great management related ebooks available on the website for free!

Reviewed: Comindware Project

Comindware Project

In this time and age of superior internet connectivity which enables employees to work from home, it is extremely difficult for team leaders to keep tab on project assignments and team mates in check. While cloud computing might have reduced our burden of downloading and saving multiple drafts of project reports, project managers have far greater worries than staying up to date on their team’s progress.


Comindware is an innovative way for businesses to not only keep a tab on various projects but also empower their employees by providing them the right tools for greater participation and productivity at work. Comindware is not just about keep tabs on projects but also ensures timely and effective communication to all team members. Marketing projects are extremely dynamic and going through heaps of emails to get feedback from your various teams is extremely cumbersome. That is why, Comindware offers discussion rooms where all teams can work together and pool in their thoughts to come up with effective strategies.

‘Well begun is half done’ is something we all believe in. Yet, manually scheduling tasks for new projects consumes so much time that finishing work within deadlines needs extra man hours to be put in. Thanks to Comindware, managers can now auto schedule tasks and even efficiently allocate scare resources to ensure that projects begin in time and also end in time. Comindware can also help larger companies locate ideal candidates and build new teams with the best combination to work on new projects. Real-time Gantt charts give you accurate progress of tasks so that you can identify problem areas and focus your attention to issues immediately as they arise.

Comindware Project Pricing


Comindware is available as a cloud service as well as an on-premise software. Cloud services can be availed for a fee $29.99 per month per user for a company with up to 9 users or for a flat fee of $299.99 per user per year. For On-premises software there is a one-time fee of $450 per user. In addition to offering discounts for larger user bases, the developers also aid in setting up Comindware at your organisation and training concerned personnel. You can simply sign up for a free trial to gauge how well Comindware could help your organisation, before recommending it to your peers.

Summary & Review

Comindware is an extremely innovative tool for modern day project managers. Not only does it help managers collaborate well with their teams, it also provides businesses to collaborate across tasks, projects and processes. But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for the free trial and get convinced yourself.


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Comindware: New Generation Collaborative Project Management


Defined as the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals, Project Management plays an important role in the world of today. Distinguished in two types of challenges, primary and secondary, project management aims to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints.

Whether it’s scope, time, quality and budget (primary challenges) or the optimization of the allocation of necessary inputs and integrating them to meet pre-defined objectives (secondary challenges), project management at every step works towards as strategic competency for businesses, enabling them to tie project results to business goals and resulting in better competitiveness in their own respected markets.

There is a huge range of project management tools out there but unlike traditional project management tools, in which most are just general purpose tools, the introduction of Comindware Project results in letting the concept of project management to not only gain professional planning capabilities, but also give project managers unparalleled project execution and collaboration environment.

This whole new generation collaborative project management solution, Comindware Project, dramatically works on improving traditional project planning experience by letting businesses gain unmatched team productivity and project predictability with graphical Work Breakdown Structure, automated priority-based planning and predictive real-time Gantt chart.

The project management solution is designed by Comindware, an innovative provider of team work management solutions, headquartered in Woburn, Mass and led by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs.

Comindware Project aims to simplify project management, improve real-time visibility into projects and enable social collaboration to create a productive and predictive work environment.

Key Product Features

  • Predictive Real-time Gantt Chart: Allowing project managers to see the real-time project status as project plans are automatically recalculated as tasks get completed or are delayed.
  • Automated Priority-based Planning: Enabling automatic scheduling of tasks based on priorities and resources, saving time typically spent on manual scheduling. 
  • Social Collaboration: Bringing the industry’s first social collaboration into project management with project-based activity streams, “rooms” to discuss matters across or beyond projects and company org charts that include employee skill sets and resource allocation. 
  • Visual UI Across All Devices: Allowing users to continuously collaborate on projects, track project process and consistently search for the right people when it’s needed across laptops, computers, iPhone and Android. 
  • Available in Microsoft Outlook: Benefiting the more than 300 million Microsoft Outlook users who can now use project management software a project management within their familiar Outlook environment. 


Comindware Project - Gantt chart

Comindware Project - Planning

Comindware Project - Resource Allocation

Comindware Team Network - Awards

Comindware Team Network - Document Management

Comindware Team Network - General

Comindware Team Network - Orgchart

Comindware Team Network - Rooms

While the traditional project management tools are in the market for quite a long time but this platform really appears to be a promising innovative project management platform. Regardless who will wins the popularity votes, what it means to the project managers (and businesses) is a range of highly amazing features it brings in. Let us know if you would like to try Comindware Project on your own and do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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