It is quite one-to-many times when we required adding YouTube video to our existing or new WordPress posts. While the first thing which we thought usually for this is to embed the code directly from YouTube website and make it post in our WordPress post. Although this way is easy as well as hectic for some but with today’s tutorial we are bringing the way by which one create YouTube video WordPress post automatically, thanks to the tool name IFTTT.

Understanding IFTTT

IFTTT means “if this then that.” IFTTT basically lets one automate number of tasks based as per the criteria you set. Say, for example,

A new video if one uploads on YouTube (if this happens)

Creating new WordPress post (then do that)

Steps To Follow

  • To start with, you need to sign up to IFTTT website. Once logged in, all you need is to click on the Create button so as you can begins with your first recipe.
  • Clicking on Create button will take you to a recipe wizard in which you need to choose a trigger by clicking on ‘this’ link.
  • A large number of channels come in front of you which IFTTT used. In these channels list, search for YouTube and click on to select it out.
  • On YouTube click, you will be taken to next step where it is required for you to activate a YouTube channel.
  • On activation, IFTTT now ask you to choose a trigger. In this case you need to select a “New Video Upload” trigger.
  • Once you now ‘Create’ new trigger, you will come to second part, the ‘That’ part of your recipe where you have to choose an action channel.
  • In this you will select WordPress as you want to post YouTube video in your WordPress post. On selecting WordPress, you will be asked to activate it by providing your WordPress website URL, username and password (i.e. authenticating it).
  • Once done, IFTTT will present actions which you can choose from. Here, you need to select ‘Create a Post’ action.
  • On selection, you need to choose what all things you considerably like to add to your WordPress post, like that of YouTube title, description as WordPress post title and description.
  • Another option comes in front of you is whether your ‘this’ new YouTube video WordPress post, you want to publish it same time or publish privately or save as a draft for later publishing option.
  • Once you saved the criteria from the above selection, you need to save it out by clicking on ‘Create Recipe’ button. Remember IFTTT automatically keeps an eye on YouTube for new videos update almost in the gap of every 15 minutes. If it finds something new, it will automatically post it out.