Logo Design Workbook

Whether you are into logo production for commercial purposes or you are a business that requires a logo to market your brand, it is important that you know these principles that differentiates a good logo from a poor one. The advantages of a good quality logo are there for all to see whiles a poor logo will go unnoticed. Logos that instantly catch attention and then draw the customer’s interest to the brand is what every business should strive to obtain. For a logo design company, the quality of the finished products is very important. This is because every logo designed by the company serves as a marketing tool for the custom logo design company. If the logo is inefficient due to its low standards, customers will not be willing to come back for more business neither will they recommend the design company to other business owners. A logo design company must ensure that it has creative designers who have learnt the trade of logo design very well. The individual or group in need of a logo must also use the previous logos created by the company as a scheme for judging the efficiency of the company.

The first important point to consider when creating a logo is to remember that a logo seeks to serve as the identity of a company or group. When properly created and marketed, a company or organization can easily be represented by its logo anywhere without any need of mentioning the name of the company. The logo is the iconic feature of the company or organization. For this reason, the design pattern of the logo should be unique and should not bear any resemblance to any other company or organization. This will prevent confusion and misrepresentation of identities. Note that, this can negatively affect your company if the other brand is well known for poor services or substandard products.

Many experts in logo designers believe that a quality logo is one that is usually very simple and practical. No need to outdo yourself with complex colors and complicated designs that may end up putting people off instead of arousing their interest. The logo should also have an underlining meaning that will appeal to consumers. When we look round, we will see that the logos of a lot of the well established companies is usually very simple but carry a lot of weight.

Whiles some people may prefer fancy colorings, the designer and the company for which the logo is to be created for should find a concept that is not based on color. In this case, the logo can be printed in black and white and it will still be easy for viewers to understand what the logo is trying to put forward. The best logo should also be printable in smaller size without making it difficult to identify certain important aspects of the logo design.

As a company that specializes in the design of logos, you will have to interact with the client in order to find out what the client wants in the logo. Without considering the points of the client, you will come out with a logo that may not suit the taste of the client. After the interaction with the client, the next step will be to conduct research into the market and the company. This will help you gain an insight into the goals and values of the company and provide you with an idea of some of the iconic brands on the market and the nature of their logos.

With the information gathered, the design company must put its creative staff at work. In most cases, creating more than one logo from which the client can choose from is the most ideal practice. Bear in mind that you want to create a logo that will stand the test of time for all your clients.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Ahmed Bin-Baz