The Brain is the most important organs in the entire human body. For a human being to function properly whether physically disabled or not the essential element for everyone is the brain. The brain is like a muscle the more you begin to exercise the potential of the brain you will be amazed by the achievement one can deliver over a sustained period. There some Android apps that have been developed and are used for this reason. So if you don’t want to buy quality essay for college you can always train your brain to best remembering information.

Brain Trainer Special

This is an Android Application that contains games in which the player is required to solve math problems, memorize phone numbers and letter sequences. This game has stages that differ in difficulty level, but the principal thing in this application is to keep the brain in a Tip-Toe shape.

Positive Activity Jackpot

This is a therapeutic application originally designed for service members, who had post-traumatic stress after combat. The Game primarily uses the Android GPS system to capture the surrounding environment and activities for a person who is coping with depression. If the person can’t make up a choice while facing a situation, all they need to do is pull up the lever in the game, and it will help the individual make a decision by deciding for him or her.

Fit Brains Trainer

This application has amazingly over 360 puzzles and games that are uniquely meant to improve the mental agility of a person. When a person advances from one level to another, the game becomes tough but this is meant to stretch a person’s mental ability in problem-solving situations.

Relief Link

This is an app that was initially developed by Dr. Kaslow to prevent suicide scenarios. Amazingly this application is an award-winning app that is very helpful. The app has relaxing music and unique methods of copying things such as exercises, etc. In case one needs to talk to a professional the app uses the Gps coordinates to pinpoint any nearby mental health facilities.

Little things forever

This is an Android app that is very useful in brain solving problems since it contains over 151 puzzles that are randomly created to find items. The game by its self is addictive, so one needs to be careful least one becomes overwhelmed.