WordPress is a website which offers you free services for creating your own website or your own blog. It is a very good CMS platform that gives you the capacity to easily publish, edit, modify content, organize and delete digital information from a main interface and it has free hosting and support. WordPress offers many free customizable designs and themes for its users. It has many easy to use features that comprise of the SEO plugins that help you in boosting you SERP rankings. These SEO plugins are what makes WordPress function for its millions of users.

There are many kinds of SEO plugins for WordPress. However, not all of them function in the same way. Some have specialized uses for whatever issue you might encounter in boosting your SERP. These different SEO plugins may offer you different services for certain concerns of using WordPress. All you need to do is choose WordPress on-page optimization services, tools and plugins best suit your needs. You can work with free or premium SEO plugins, however, some paid or premium plugins may work better than free ones.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO By Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the wholesome plugins for working with WordPress. This plugin handles and takes care of almost every aspect related to SEO’s in yourWordPress blog. It offers many features that you can use for your different needs. With Yoast, you can control the indexing of your blog, you can handle Meta values for homepage and single posts, Google Authorship, create a sitemap file for import and export functionality and have Social Integration.

Social SEO (Pro)

WordPress Social SEO Pro

This plugin is a paid SEO plugin for WordPress. This particularly helps in boosting SERP ranks for blogs by targeting social SEO. It provides complete social media optimization and gets your site a Google Authorship and Publisher Status quickly. It integrates Social media into everything they which helps the user to have greater range in presence with social media and sites. It offers the user open graph tags, different Meta cards including Twitter and many other tags that help your blog to have a better optimized Social SEO.

All-In-One SEO

All In One SEO

All in On SEO Pack is a similar plugin with Yoast that offers a variety of features for your work in WordPress. Just like Yoast, it provides services for your different needs. The difference however is that All in One SEO Pack offers Google analytics support and also specialized SEO support and integration for e-commerce websites. It has optimizes navigational links and advanced conical URLs. It automatically adjusts your title for better search engine coherence. It also avoids publications with similar content found on WordPress.

Google XML Sitemaps SEO

Google XML Sitemap

One of the most common problems that arise that you can encounter in WordPress is the issue of facing a 404 error. Google XML Sitemaps plugin guides search bots into links that are not dead. It optimizes working URLs and helps your WordPress avoid certain dead links and such. Google XML Sitemaps makes an XML sitemap which guides search engines to better index the contents of your website and better understand its structure. It also automatically alerts and pings search engine bots when you successfully publish new post about new content on you blog.

SEO Friendly Images

One of the necessary things to do in WordPress is updating images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO needs and reasons. It introduces your image files to different search engines, which optimizes the connection of a user search for a certain image. This determines the match for the search and the accurate and proper picture.