To upload files and folders with WordPress, you will need an FTP application. The one that makes a fit and comes as free options (like many others) is FileZilla although the following guide will help you over every FTP client with a GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Note: The article is a two-part series and this is the second part in which we will discuss about how to upload a file with WordPress via FTP.

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Upload WordPress Via FTP

Before starting with uploading WordPress, it is essential to have WordPress downloaded and unzipped it, on your local machine. Once you unzip the downloaded .zip file, you have to create a folder name WordPress. Make sure you note well the location of this folder in your computer where you store it.

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Once you are done with downloading, you have to locate where the WordPress you are having on your computer once you unzipped the file that you downloaded. Once you found it, and clicked the WordPress folder, the windows will show the contents of said folder.

Now, hold the SHIFT key and press the DOWN arrow on the keyboard and highlight all the files and folders in that window. Now, right click and choose upload from the menu. Once done, now site relax and see the things uploading straight to your website. Once uploaded, you have everything installed on your server.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Odyssey