With ever since the way we are making ourselves expertise in WordPress, we keen on taking a path to learn more and more about things, then whether it would be themes or plugins. But, since you do better know that plugins play a key role which et al will help you make your life easier, you never want to make a miss of any as such.

You often heard, read about thousands of plugins all around the web, but there still some plugins that at least we believe you might never heard of. Or, even if you did hear of, you might not know properly at what extend they will be in real useful to you. Well, turning the story short now, I am sharing three of such plugins that makes a lot of sense to you and your WordPress website.

Plugins Garbage Collector

Plugins Garbage Collector

As the name speaks itself, the plugin will help you collect the garbage that is not in use to you as of now. The plugin ‘Plugins Garbage Collector’ scans your whole of your WordPress database and shows the tables which being are beyond of base WordPress installation. It basically happens when some of the plugin use installed in your website, often make their own database tablets. The time when you either deactivate or delete it, there own database tablets keep stay back. At that time, this plugin would be a real savior for you. The plugin let you check your database and discover that whether it is clean or not.

Plugins Garbage Collector can be downloaded from here.

Faster Image Insert

Faster Image Insert

The plugin allows you to move the whole of your website media manager to either of your post or page editing interface. Easy to use, the plugin avoid reloading thickbox pop-up, with enhanced features on board like multi-insert & mass-editing. Once installed and activated, you will receive the full control of the manager i.e. opens it, makes it collapse or hidden from the interface completely. Over the top, the plugin let you insert image(s) much faster and precisely where you want them to be.

Faster Image Insert can be downloaded from here.

Video Thumbnails


The plugin is an interesting one as it makes easy for you to automatically display video thumbnails in your template. This means whenever you publish a post, this plugin will find the first video embedded and locate the thumbnail for you. Thumbnails then can be saved to your media library and will set itself as a featured image automatically for you. The plugin supports all the major video services, including, YouTube, Vimeo, Justin.tv, Blip.tv, Dailymotion and Metacafe.

Video Thumbnails plugins can be downloaded from here.