For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

WPMU Dev is in the business of offering quality service and high performance and this is evident in the popularity the various WPMU Dev products have gained in the last couple of years. Whether you are hosting a website, or looking for security options, or design a form, or even backup your site, WPMU Dev has something for you.

WPMU Dev has an amazing collection of plugins and themes to cover a plethora of jobs on any WordPress site. From personal projects to customer sites, webmasters and admins rely on WPMU Dev products to offer a seamless service.

The sizeable range of the WPMU Dev free and premium plugins enables WordPress to be a viable option to cater to the needs of any website. From blogs to membership sites, WPMU Dev products allow you to have a highly functional website suitable for a diverse range of markets. You can monetize your website using the WPMU Dev product offering. What’s more, you have essential tools to develop and run your website effectively.

At the moment, WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the market. It has a dose of simplicity and complexity, which makes it ideal for several people. Additional functionality added by tools from WPMU Dev makes WordPress extra appealing to a large consumer base.

By offering a one-all subscription package, WPMU Dev ensures users have access to all their product offerings with a single subscription package. When you take into account the products on offers with the features and service as well, getting a WPMU Dev subscription is worth it.

In addition, WPMU Dev offers a reliable support system. They offer a chat and forum support system that makes it easy for people to get answers to their questions. The support available is fast and knowledgeable.

Deep Dive Into WPMU

Whether you manage a single site or 20, you will want access to reliable tools that can create performance and functionality that match website targets and goals.

When it comes to plugins and website tools, you will want a certain level of usability, user-friendliness and performance. If you can find a tool that offers you more than one functionality from hosting to security, backup and website management, that makes your job easy.

Subscribing to WPMU Dev plugins and hosting gives users tremendous access to an amazing collection of tools for a pocket-friendly fee that scales depending on the number of websites to manage.

One quality that is present in all WPMU Dev products is their attention to providing the best in any field. They bring their A-game always because they want to deliver premium content to clients always.

WPMU Dev provides so much premium content for free, that you know the paid content is worth it. Let’s see what makes WPMU Dev amazing.

We would check out some of the major categories of the suite namely.

  • All-inclusive developer plugin model
  • WordPress Web Hosting

Let’s get started

All-inclusive developer plugin model

The WPMU Dev subscription plan has been WPMU Dev main package. It is what they are known for in the last couple of years. The plugins have earned some plaudits over the years thanks to their quality and performance.

The plugin catalogue includes:

  • Defender Pro for added security
  • Smart Crawl Pro for search engine optimization
  • Smush Pro for image optimization
  • Forminator Pro for building forms
  • Branda Pro for white labelling
  • Hummingbird Pro for website speed and performance
  • Snapshot Pro for backup
  • Shipper from migrating sites between different hosts
  • Beehive for access to Google Analytics
  • And others

Overall, the WPMU Dev Plugin is split into the following areas.

  • Website Management
  • Security
  • Support
  • Marketing
  • Optimization

You can expect quality products with each of these plugins. The WPMU Dev subscription accounts for all of these plugins and more. The complete suite fits the needs of a freelance WordPress Developer.


There is a sizeable array of web hosts online, so it is ideal you pick a host that meets your needs at every time.

For example, speed, user-friendliness, and high bandwidth are essential to e-commerce websites. For easy payments systems, security is key. For a website that deals heavily in pictures, storage is important.

Everyone has different hosting needs.

For a webmaster that works with multiple sites, having access to tools for your clients all in one place is vital. There’s a noticeable drop in efficiency when you have to move from one host to another to manage different clients. This is where WPMU Dev hosting comes into play.

WPMU Dev has been working to improve its product offering and services for clients all over the world. The company has moved into the hosting world by combining hosting with its premium plugins.

WPMU Dev hosting still encapsulates all that is good with other WPMU Dev products. You can expect high-quality service, support and performance.

The best way to describe WPMU Dev Hosting is to call it a hosting hybrid. Right now, it exceeds all other hosting products in the market, and the fact that it comes from the WPMU Dev hosting team gives it another edge. Upon signing up, users hosting accounts are added to their premium plugins.

The hosting product is a combination of cloud hosting, web hosting and WordPress hosting. For each site, WPMU Dev employs Digital Ocean’s cloud, however, this is not a complete cloud hosting package. They also have pre-configuration for WordPress for each site and web hosting. So, the WPMU Dev hosting has a bit of everything.

From the user dashboard to access customer support, WPMU Dev hosting has all the bare-minimum features and more you would want from a host.

Features such as security, backup, and performance optimization are included in the WPMU Dev hosts. WPMU Dev offers these and more thanks to the combined offering of hosting and plugins.


Looking to create, manage and host sites that are secure, fast, high performing and stable? Look no further than WPMU dev. The platform takes an inclusive approach to building, managing and hosting top-quality sites that are different, unique, and high-performing. WPMU dev prides itself in building a platform that prioritizes speed, security, performance and quality. With its collection of top-quality plugins, desirable security solutions, strong marketing properties, rapid content delivery system, WPMU Dev is worth the hype after all.