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Why You Need Two-Factor Authentication For Shared WordPress Accounts

The significant increase in data breaches every year has become alarming. As of September 30, 2021, the Identity Theft Resource Center reported 1,291 breaches. The year was not over yet, but the number exceeded the 1,108 breaches recorded in 2020.

Last November, web hosting company GoDaddy experienced a data breach, compromising up to 1.2 million WordPress accounts working with their platform.

WordPress is one of the most–if not the most–popular website platforms today. According to W3Techs, 43.3 percent of all websites today use WordPress as their content management system. It is the go-to platform for many businesses whose online presence heavily relies on the structure it provides.

Most companies have teams to manage their business websites. They create WordPress accounts their employees use and share for daily operations.

However, this common practice creates a security risk due to multiple people having access to a single account. One way around this is using two-factor authentication. Read on to learn more about it and how it works.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security system known as dual-factor authentication or two-step verification.

As the name suggests, it requires the user to input two distinct pieces of information to access an account. The first one is usually the account password.

The second factor may vary, depending on the platform. It could be a fingerprint or a one-time passcode (OTP) sent to the account owner’s email address or phone number. It could also be a security question to which only authorized people know the answer.

Why It Matters

Falling victim to data breaches could be devastating for any business. According to IBM, companies could lose an average of $4.24 million per incident, the highest in 17 years.

Due to the pandemic, more and more businesses are moving to digital spaces, making data privacy a more significant part of their operations. However, not every company has the knowledge or staffing to put top-notch security measures in place.

Two-factor authentication is an inexpensive and straightforward solution that could significantly help businesses of any size or budget.

Many data breaches also focus primarily on login data, including the email address or username and password for any account. However, some breaches do not include other linked accounts such as mobile numbers and authentication apps.

If a malicious party tries to log into an account with two-factor authentication enabled, they can’t get in. Sure, they have the first factor (the password) down, but they could not access the second factor required.

This system isn’t entirely foolproof, but two-factor authentication is an effective deterrent against hackers and identity thieves.

The Issue With Shared Accounts

Two-factor authentication is more often seamless when logging into personal accounts. However, it could pose some problems in shared accounts.

Most account owners choose to have a code sent to their mobile phone or email address. However, this isn’t ideal for shared WordPress accounts, as not all team members have access to those accounts or devices.

Team members would then have to go back and forth to input the code, which is usually time-sensitive.

Using SMS or email for two-factor authentication isn’t practical for shared accounts, which is why your business needs another more effective solution.

Two-Factor Authentication Tools for Your WordPress Account

Other, more effective ways to integrate two-factor authentication into your shared WordPress logins. Below are the two most convenient methods.

Authentication Programs/Services

App or web-based authentication programs and services are an effective and inexpensive tool to help manage logins to your shared accounts. They allow you to share 2FA codes for a single account between two or more users.

Managers can provide access to the authenticator, which every team member can then use to log into the business’s WordPress account.

Every time you try to log in to your WordPress account, it will ask for a code. You can then open your authenticator tool and copy the WordPress 2FA code from it to gain account access.

These tools provide authorized users easy access to the shared account, eliminating the frustrating need for time-sensitive back-and-forth communication that comes with SMS or email verification.

One key advantage of using these tools is they can support multiple accounts. So you can use only one authentication tool for all of your business’ shared accounts.

WordPress Plugins

If you don’t want to use an authentication tool, you can also use 2FA plugins exclusive to WordPress. You have a good number of choices, which you can find on WordPress.org’s Plugins catalog.

Make sure to read through the descriptions carefully before installing. Most of them can send codes via SMS and email. But if you want a more convenient login experience for your shared account, you will still need an authentication tool to generate 2FA codes.

Prioritize Security

With digital interactions and transactions becoming the norm, digital security has become increasingly significant. Be sure to protect your business, employees, and customers by investing in a robust security system. It should include two-factor authentication for your shared WordPress accounts.

Surprising Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Image Source: Pexels

It is understandable how we are getting more fixated on gadgets as our confinement continues due to the pandemic. People now browse their computers and phones more compared to pre-pandemic times. Because of this, many businesses are going online and adapting to the latest trend. As such, it is no surprise that competition in web content creation is becoming tighter.

The challenge now is not only about increasing web traffic. Yes, your primary goal is to increase your web viewers. But what matters more is making your viewers keep coming back to your website. Reaching your target audience is a good thing, but creating a bond with them is far essential.

Here, we will talk about the surprisingly excellent web content you can create. We will also give the vital elements your website must have to make this content work. 


Do not underestimate the power of laughter to ease your tension. Viral and hilarious content can power up your website traffic. For many people, memes are a digital version of inside jokes. And even you can maximize its potential to market your content and products.

Amid the pandemic, chilling out with our friends is something we miss. But with memes, we can reminisce about the funny moments in our lives. A single photo can make your viewers laugh their hearts out and go through your content further. In a 2019 study, 74% of people shared memes to make people smile or laugh.

Moreso, you have to understand that the majority of web users now are Millennials and Gen Zs. Believe it or not, memes are more appealing to them. In the same study, 43% of those aged 13-17 and 56% of 18-20 were following meme accounts or websites. And for many younger consumers, memes are a vast form of entertainment.

Taken from YPulse

Tutorials and DIYs

People are curious. But, we are often busy with a lot of things. As such, the current scenario allowed us to explore some things we know nothing about. How to do this, repair this, and make your own are common questions on search engines.

You can do magic on your product by integrating it with the content. For example, you can make a tutorial on creating something using the product you are selling. In that way, you will gain more visitors and entice more customers. Also, you can innovate or make uncommon yet efficient things using your product.

Product Reviews

The toll of the pandemic paved the way for the emergence of small businesses on the internet. Now, online products and services are almost everywhere. With the still-recovering economy, prices and wages are not as stable as before. Thus, it is no wonder that people are shifting to market newcomers. 

In a recent study, 39% of consumers said they increased their online purchases in 1Q 2021. Even so, people are still careful as scams and fake products are becoming more rampant. As such, people want to make sure that the products they want to buy are legit. Posting reviews on your products can boost more viewers and increase your credibility.

Now that we are shifting towards digital marketing, online reviews are now a staple. Once the IoT era peaks, it will increase its appeal as more products will be connected to the internet.

Taken from Digital Marketing Community

Top 10s and 20s

People love trivia and rankings. Who doesn’t? For every category, we list candidates and rank them according to our preferences. That is why different websites rank different products, services, and everything. You may start within your niche before you expand. But your web rankings must remain related to your theme and products.

For example, WatchMojo began ranking various movies and TV shows. Now, we can see that it covers a wide range of topics. It expands to actors and actresses, and music of different genres, and even music. But, it remains within its niche.

The same goes for your product or services. You may start ranking things you can relate to what your web offers. As time goes by, you may expand your topic coverage but remain within your niche.


Videos, photos, and infographics are vital in your web content. Imagine your web is full of words and texts only. Sure, your explanation is straightforward and comprehensive. But, reading a long post without photos, infographics, and videos can be tedious.

These are visual representations that will add appeal to your content. For example, your post is all about tutorials or product reviews. It is best if you include the actual photo or video of your products. Even if you do it online, adding these things will make your content more tactile and appealing. If you have statistics on your post, it is good to have infographics so readers can understand it better.

Even when dealing with new things, visuals play a crucial role in learning them in the simplest way. Sixty-five percent of the global population are visual learners, while 30% are auditory learners. With videos, both our visual and auditory senses are working. It is no surprise why people love watching videos when trying to learn a new recipe or project.

Simple Tips to Boost Traffic

Things do not end with what appears on your website. You have to be clever to know how to boost your website searches. It is a good thing that you can find many fantastic ideas at local technology or WordPress meetups, and events such as WordCamp US. Below are some essential tips for marketing your website.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a primary step in increasing your web appeal, as cliché as it may sound. You have to know first the demographics and to whom you want to offer your products and services. If you are doing it online, you have to know how to entice people in different age brackets. Doing so will help you create marketing strategies.

Taken from Statista

Be Subtle

Do not be too overt. Your primary goal should be to educate, not sell. People often do not want to be marketed or sold to, so observe subtlety.

Make Things Clear and Concise

Avoid jargon and other highfalutin words. If you wish to get your viewer’s attention, make your sentences as simple as possible. It is more critical when posting product reviews and tutorials. In that way, people will understand it better and may gear towards your website.

Also, post your content in small chunks. In that way, readers will not get bored and can scan it in a short time. You can do it in a modular or per-chapter format rather than linear.

Seek Help from a Copywriter

Having a copywriter is not only about grammar and sentence structures. Seek help from those who can bring your texts and photos to life and pique the interest of your viewers.

SEO Matters

From the title and meta descriptions to your content and hyperlinks, focus on one keyword. Use the best practices to boost traffic on your website.

It can be challenging to drive traffic now that website creation is faster than before. But with proper practices and strategies, you can go head to head with others. Sure, it will take time for a newcomer like you. But as long as you do the right thing and put your heart into it, it will pay off in no time.

Optimize Your Images In WordPress Via Smush Pro

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

WP Smush is one of the leading plugins in WordPress when it comes to image optimization and image compression. Boasting more than a million installations on WordPress, WP Smush is one of the very popular plugins used by so many people all over the world.

In this review guide, we would be looking at why WP Smush is very popular and widely used by WP users.

WP Smush is designed by reliable developers from WPMU Dev, who are renowned WordPress developers known for developing some of the best plugins on WordPress. Take, for example, Defender Pro is an elite security plugin for WP sites and Hummingbird does a great job of speeding sites via optimization and caching options.

With the already laid out points, we can safely say that Smush Pro is in an elite category of WordPress plugins. Thus, we can safely say that it is a reliable image optimizer, capable of working in different WordPress sites.

Note, WPMU Dev has a pricing plan for all its plugins. There are various pricing tier systems that users can take advantage of at any time.

Let’s get started with the Smush Pro Review and see if it is worth the hype and the popularity.

Why Smush Pro?

Nothing beats fast-performing sites. Speed is one of the top priorities of any site. If your website is too slow, there are chances you won’t turn those visitors into full-time clients. Many site owners wish for faster sites. In some cases they even end up deleting all images, just to ensure the site is fast. But you shouldn’t take such extreme steps if you want to make your site faster. There’s a better way, and Smush Pro is that way.

Generally, plugins that carry out image optimization, and compression for WP sites create an environment where you can optimize your site for speed and performance without you having to delete images from the website. First things first, images are very important in sites. They add aesthetics and that extra bit of taste to any site. Nobody wants to see a page with just a monotonous test. Readers love the combination of high-quality pictures and content. Having the right image can help with post and content optimization. On the flip side, large images can drastically reduce loading speed. It is well established that users and search engines abhor slow sites. So, how do you balance search engine optimization, speed, and visual aesthetics? This is where a Smush pro comes into the picture.

WPMU Dev Smush Pro

Image compression is all about reducing image size without reducing the quality. While this can be done manually, it can be a long process and very tiring. Smush pro offers a smarter way to do this.

With Smush pro, you can easily compress and optimize images automatically. It comes with default and customizable options that compress, fine-tune, and optimize your old and new images.

Don’t have any clue on how to use the plugin? Don’t worry, the default options are reasonable for users with little tech background.

Smush Pro Features

Smush Pro is a game-changer when it comes to image compression, optimization and resizing. It works with WPMU Dev servers which gives it an extra push in terms of performance and service delivery. It can remove bulky and irrelevant elements from images without compromising the image aesthetics and quality

There’s more! The plugin does a fine job of optimizing Amazon S3 images in addition to other images from themes. Integration is also a key aspect of Smush Pro. It can work seamlessly with other plugins.

Right now, let’s check some of the features of the plugin, and see why it is a popular choice for admins and webmasters.

Here are some of the features:

  • Automatically Smush all images on site with a click
  • Compression of big files
  • Restore original images
  • Retrieve original images with a click
  • Resize images using default or custom settings
  • Convert images from different types.
  • Keep metadata attached to files
  • Optimize images from within media library and outside media library
  • Convert and optimize images to new formats
  • Receive notification for the wrong size

Benefits of using Smush Pro

  • Provides unlimited image compression and optimization.
  • Automatically compresses and optimizes uploaded images
  • Users can remove unnecessary data and information from images. This includes the date, time, timestamps, settings and so on.
  • The plugin works seamlessly with WP Multisite
  • Access image compression statistics
  • Smush Pro uses independent serves, and this plays a key role in the speed and performance of the plugin.


There’s so much to love about the Smush Pro. In our Smush Pro review, we looked at some of the stand-out points and features of the WPMU plugin. We also touched on essential areas where the image optimizer is useful. Smush Original is one of the best image optimizer plugins for WordPress sites. As a bonus, the subscription model comes with other WPMU Dev plugins. Smush Pro is a great plugin, and it offers so much than other image optimizer plugins in the market.

Meet Defender Pro, Your Reliable WordPress Security Force

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

Security is one of the essential features of any website. Having a secure website cannot be overemphasized. This sense of safety comes with having the right security resources for your site. Today we would be taking a look at an exceptional plugin that deals with security.

Defender is one of the most proactive security plugins in the WordPress arsenal. The defender has responsive features that are not present in other security plugins. The plugin boasts an incredible interface, easy-to-use features, and powerful security options.

Defender is designed by WPMU DEV, a team renowned for excellent WordPress plugins and more. The plugin is intuitive, and it comes with useful tools and features. Defender comes with the WPMU dev subscription model, so you can expect stellar features.

Defender Features

Let’s take a look at some of the features the plugin provides.

Malware Scanning

One key feature of Defender is its malware detective and protective features. Users can scan their entire website. The tool is swift, as well as thorough, and does a fine job of detecting malware on sites.

The plugin lists out any suspicious files and gives users the option of either deleting or ignoring them. The ignore option is helpful if you have custom files as part of your files and you don’t want to lose them.

Defender does a thorough job of scanning all files including plugin files, theme files and core files. This feature is great for protecting the WordPress website from malware.


The firewall is another impressive feature of Defender. Offers a tremendous protection layer that secures websites against bots and hackers. Such a level of protection is a must-have for any WordPress website.

Defender offers website protection in the following ways.

Login Protection

This layer of protection makes it difficult for hackers to crack login details and credentials. If a person attempts to login into your website repeatedly, users can limit the number of failed login attempts. It can also help set a lockout period after a specific number of failed attempts.

404 Detection

This security layer monitors IP addresses that might request unavailable pages on the site and lock such IP addresses out. The tool also enables users to create a list of IP addresses allowed and disallowed IP addresses.

IP Banning

This layer of security enables site owners or admins to ban IP addresses from viewing the site forever. IP addresses that are known to cause trouble or IP addresses from specific regions can be banned forever.

Overall, there’s a log section that houses the entire logs of the firewall actions. These logs enable users to see blocked IP, 404 pages and so on. Users can choose the option of deleting logs manually or automatically.

2 Factor Authentication

While two-factor authentication is a given for any security plugin, Defender’s 2FA has an extra set of features.

Admins can enable 2FA for all WP users, mandate that they use 2FA, and set up an email to receive OTP (One Time Password)

Defender works seamlessly with Third-party authentication apps like Authy, and Google Authenticator.

There’s also a phone option that allows users to receive OTP on their mobile devices.

Mask Login Area

One peculiar feature of the Defender is it allows webmasters to mask WordPress login. It works by allowing admins to create custom links for their sites. So rather than use the default login, mysite.com/wp-admin, admins can create custom links.

Simply edit the wp-admin and create any link of your choice. This gives another layer of protection to your site.

Google ReCaptcha

WPMU DEV attached the reCaptcha feature to the plugin. This gives more protection against malware and bots. Defender gives three types of reCaptcha;

V2 Invincible

Recaptcha V3

V2 Checkbox

To use any of the reCaptcha, simply create a key for Google reCaptcha. ReCaptcha can be used in different places such as the Login page, registration page, forget password page, comments and so on. With the help of Defender, admins can reinforce various parts of their website using reCaptcha.

Audit Login

This feature allows admins to track changes when they are made to the site. The audit shows reports of undetectable actions.

Web Application Firewall

A more reinforced firewall option that offers powerful protection against hackers and bots. It does a fine job of filtering requests while securing plugins, themes, and core files.

Blocklist Monitor

Checks if the site is on Google’s blocklist, and sends a notification for the necessary steps to be taken

Defender Price

WPMU Dev has a pricing system that comes with lots of extra treats. There are numerous plugins in the subscription model. The good news is all of these plugins can be used on several sites. There are pricing options for freelancers, agencies, and companies. The best pricing tier is the one with all the plugin features such as Smush, Forminator, and so on. They collectively work to provide speed and security. The benefits of having Defender Pro cannot be ignored.


Defender Pro is an all-inclusive plugin. Nothing beats having an active scanner, Firewall protection, 2FA, and more. Remember the pricing options are not just for Defender Pro alone, but the entire WPMU Dev plugin package. We can honestly say that Defender Pro is one of the best security plugins for WordPress sites. If you want more security features for your WordPress website, then Defender Pro is a must-have. Whatever your WordPress website is about, this plugin is a great addition, and it makes life easy.

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Website Using WPMU Dev?

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

Businesses, agencies, and freelancers have a burning need to manage multiple WordPress sites in the most efficient way possible. There’s always the option of logging into each site individually, and working on their themes, plugins, contents, and so on. But such a method is time-consuming and energy-sapping. Thankfully, there’s an effective tool that can house all of your WordPress sites in one place, thus saving you time and energy.

WPMU DEV is one such tool. WPMU DEV is a helpful tool that makes life easy for people with multiple sites. If you own multiple sites, you will admit that updating themes and plugins alone, can be tasking. Employing a tool such as WPMU dev can save not just time, but also give you an extensive range of features you can take advantage of. The tool takes the burden of checking site uptime, performance, and integrity, and as such, you have the time to focus on another aspect of your site.

In this review guide, we will dive into what WPMU dev has to offer and check out how it matches varying needs.

WPMU Dev is an incredible but complex tool that does a fantastic job for webmasters who handle several sites. First things first, WPMU dev promises a full house approach that includes site management, support, hosting, and plugins.

There’s a certain hype around the features and capabilities of WPMU dev, and we are about to see if the hype is worth it. Let’s look at some of the standout features of the platform.

WPMU Dev makes life easy for webmasters who deal with multiple sites. A walk through the platform shows some prominent features that make the platform a must-have.

Firstly, the unified dashboard enables users to manage sites from a single place. This dashboard which is called the hub by WPMU houses all the sites. Users just need to add the sites to the Hub. This eliminates the need to login into the sites one by one. It gives full access to each update, search ranking and performance and so on. In addition, users will have control over updates, site security, and backup copy creation. Users who manage other people’s sites will love the fact that they can get reports about activities on the go.

Secondly, the WPMU Dev makes it easy for migrating and replicating sites. With capable hosting services, users can house all their sites (as well as those of their clients) in a unique platform.

Thirdly, WPMU Dev offers some amazing premium logging. Along with the dashboard (the hub), users will have access to premium plugins that will help boost your sites. The plugins include Smush Pro, Defender Pro, and Hummingbird Pro. These plugins help to boost site security, optimize images, and boost site performance respectively.

Pricing and other benefits

WPMU Dev has three pricing tiers:

$15.83 per month: For personal use and single sites

$32.50 per month: For freelancers with up to 20 sites

$41.25 per month (current discount price): Unlimited sites with other added benefits.

WPMU Dev offers a 30-day free trial, which you can cancel at any time if you feel the platform does not deliver as promised.

Benefits of WPMU Dev

  • WPMU Dev is a standout platform that houses lots of values and features. It is Crafted for people/agencies that are responsible for several websites. Some of the benefits of WPMU include.
  • WPMU Dev provides a Cloud Server which gives your sites a certain level of Independence. These sites don’t share resources with themselves. This adds another layer of security and speed
  • Great for people with little or no tech background
  • WPMU hosting is reinforced with SSD storage, dedicated memory, CPU and so on.
  • The servers used for WPMU dev hosting, are located at different places in the world, and this AIDS performance and speed.


Looking to create and manage sites that are secure, fast, high performing and stable? Look no further than WPMU Dev. The platform takes an inclusive approach to building and managing top-quality sites that are different, unique, and high-performing. WPMU Dev prides itself in building a platform that prioritizes speed, security, performance, and quality. With its collection of top-quality plugins, desirable security solutions, strong marketing properties, rapid content delivery system, WPMU Dev is worth the hype after all.

Create Your WordPress Forms With As Ease With Forminator Pro

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

Forminator Pro is not your regular form-making plugin. The plugin champions simplicity and usability. It is an easy-to-use form builder that works with every site. Forminator Pro is one of the simplest ways to build any type of form from email form to contact, payment, polls, quizzes and so on. Forminator Pro comes with form options that allow integration with payment with the likes of Stripe and PayPal.

The plugin is ideal for everyone, irrespective of your knowledge or background in tech. It is ideal for anyone. It comes with a drag and drops function that creates a simple way to set up and add forms to the WP site. Use Forminator Pro to create interactive content, data collection, and get more conversions.

Every WordPress site requires a form one way or the other. So, having the right form plugin can go a long way in helping create interactive content and more conversions.

In our Forminator Pro review, we would check out this free WordPress form plugin, and take a look at its features.

Features of Forminator Pro

Forminator Pro is from the popular WordPress developer WPMU DEV. The features of the plugin rival that of the best plugins on the internet.

One of the standout features of the Forminator Pro is that it comes with lots of integration and functionality. Forminator Pro is one of the better, if not the best form plugin available.

In terms of integration, Forminator Pro integrates with Trello, Mailchimp, Slack, and so on. What’s more, there is support for payment systems like PayPal and Stripe (without additional cost). Not to mention the option of polls, surveys, post submission forms and lots more. The features together make Forminator Pro an ideal form plugin.

These features are the reason why anyone and everyone should give Forminator Pro a try. But it also comes with an interactive dashboard, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop function and lots more.

Continue reading our review guide to see what Forminator Pro does.

As a WordPress plugin, Forminator Pro makes life easy for users. As webmaster can attest, forms an integral part of any site. Forms are used to gain traction, collect feedback from customers, generate leads, get subscribers, and kickstart promotions.

However, building the right form can be challenging, but thanks to WordPress and its collection of form builder plugins like Forminator Pro, form creation is now easy.

Features/Functionalities of Forminator Pro Plugin

So right now, we want to take a look at some of the functionalities and features of the Forminator Pro. Let’s get started, and see the array of functionalities users can expect from the Forminator Pro.

Easy Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop feature is a necessity for any form builder plugin. However, Forminator Pro takes it a step further by creating an easy-to-use drag and drop feature. It is one of the easiest drag and drop functionality you would come across. Users can select from a different array of fields to add to the form and create any form type.

Amazing Templates To Create Forms

Templates are there to ease the burden of any site owner. Forminator Pro comes with an array of templates that help in creating forms such as; Newsletter, Contact and so on. It also gives users the option of creating forms manually.

Customization Options

There are numerous design styles from pre-made options such as Fast, Bold, Material and Default. Users can pick any of the available options and customize them to meet their needs. Colors, fonts, and appearance can also be customized.


Integrations are one area Forminator Pro truly excels in. While you can create a user-friendly form, it is important to interact with the form and at the same time obtain important information from the forms. Forminator Pro readily excels at this point. The plugin can integrate with; Mailchimp, Zapier, Slack, Trello and so on.

The integrations enable various actions to be carried out using the plugin.

Polls & Quizzes

These two features are part of the standout aspects of Forminator Pro.

The plugin allows users to create polls for votes or options. Users can get opinions or create surveys around specific topics. Simply add a question, and the available options and you are good to go.

As for quizzes, there are two templates to choose from; personality quiz, and test your knowledge.

The Forminator Pro plugin has several features that can enable tech and non-tech users to create usable and attractive forms on sites

Forminator Pro Plugin Benefits Review

Now, we are going to see some of the benefits that come with the Forminator Pro plugin. Since you already have an idea of what the features are, let’s see the benefits of these features:

  • Forminator Pro is compatible with Gutenberg
  • It provides a submission feature often visitors
  • Different styling and color options
  • Custom CSS support
  • Customizable form containers


Forminator Pro is an all-inclusive form builder that comes with an easy drag and drops feature. Users can add different forms, polls, surveys and so on. It comes with a state-of-the-art integration system that enables users to integrate payment options like Stripe and PayPal into their form.

In today’s world, we can’t stress how important it is to have a reliable form builder with basically all the features you need. Forminator Pro prides itself in offering standout features that rival even the best in the market. The fact the form builder is from WPMU dev means you are getting the absolute best. WPMU Dev has a renowned reputation as a reliable WordPress developer.

Forminator Pro allows users to create simple and complex forms, with support for quizzes. If you need a WordPress form plugin that is packed with easy-to-use features, then Forminator Pro is your best choice.

Backup Your WordPress Website With Snapshot Pro

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

WordPress usage is growing every day. More and more website owners are regularly relying on WordPress for all their website needs. With the continuous use of WordPress websites by webmasters, backup remains a key aspect of the entire web administration routine.

There is always that genuine fear of data loss especially when you don’t have the right tools in place to secure data.

When your site is exposed to third-party access or data loss, it can hinder business growth and success. Not only will you experience data loss, but you will also need to restart your business, and this will most likely lead to more costly energy expenditure.

When you ask business owners why they don’t back up their site, they often say the process is tiring, and often cumbersome.

However, in this review guide, we would take a look at a solution that makes WordPress site backup and management easy.

Why Use Snapshot Backup A WordPress Site?

A WP website that has a backup system, has the assurance of resisting attacks and ensuring business continuity and success. Below are some of the pros of using snapshot pro to backup your WP site

Instant recovery

In a case where your cPanel is exposed to attacks or you have suspicious files placed in your server, you must have a means of recovering any lost assets. The instant recovery option provided by Snapshot Pro makes it an additional advantage. It helps you to ensure your site and safeguard against data loss.

Website is safe and secure

In a situation where there a server loses important data, a backup will play a key role in business continuity. Snapshot Pro is more than just an ordinary backup plugin. It gives a backup solution that enables site owners to integrate and adapt to new software solutions.

High reliability of your business

Webmasters that practice continuous backup routines with Snapshot Pro, often enjoy a positive business reputation. A business with reliable backup solutions like Snapshot Pro will enjoy zero impact on business performance.

Generally, webmasters and admins require useful backup solutions thus building a disaster resilience platform for WP sites.

Snapshot Pro is a backup plugin with high-end features that deliver value to businesses. Let’s check out some of the features of Snapshot Pro.

Snapshot Pro Features

Manual And Automatic Backups

The plugin gives users the option of performing automatic and manual backups. Take, for example, users can place a particular storage limit for a certain number of backups. With this type of schedule structure, users can obtain a recent copy of their website without fear of losing data.

Sufficient Storage Space

The plugin provides 50 GB of cloud storage. Users can save lots of data about their website without fear of losing any files.

In addition, users can see the information of when they carried out the last backup, and how to access that backup.

There is the option of upgrading the storage size to 1 TB or downgrade

Flexible Destinations

Users can make use of Snapshot Pro cloud storage space or their options. The plugin gives users the choice to store on Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.

The Amazon S3 option is particularly great for large businesses, as they can export large data thus freeing up more storage space.

Chance To Exclude Specific Files                                                          

You can exclude certain files from the backup process. This is particularly useful for large-sized files and operations. This is a feature that very few backup plugins boast of.

More Snapshot Pro Features

Snapshot Pro Contains even more features that make the user experience even more enjoyable. Take, for example, there is the option of using other plugins with Snapshot Pro. Such integration creates a thriving user experience.

Let’s check out some of the extra features of snapshot pro:

Server-Side Encryption

Snapshot pro does a great job of backing up WordPress sites, but it also protects and secures the data using a server-side encryption strategy. What this means is that when you backup data, it is automatically encrypted and decrypted when the user accesses the backup content.

Backup Stored For 50 Days (Up To 30 Files)

One of the merits of using snapshot pro is that all backups are stored in the specified destination for 50 days. Users have the entirety of that time to store, alter or discard the stored data.

Incremental Backups

For each backup you do, only new data is added to the previous backup files. This action will allow you to enjoy sizeable storage space. The process is fully automated, and you can identify new information on the website.


Snapshot Pro is an excellent backup plugin that is ideal for various WordPress sites. The plugin is flexible and offers top-quality features to users. Whether you use it for a single site or several sites, you can expect exceptional service. To create a safe environment for your business, use Snapshot Pro. This exceptional tool from WPMU Dev is helpful for businesses and it enables them to secure files.

Meet Hummingbird Pro, The Ideal Solution When It Comes To Website Speed

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

When it comes to websites, one quality users/visitors lookout for is usability, and oftentimes usability goes with speed. Tackling the problem of speed is not an easy thing to do, however, Hummingbird Pro, from WPMU Dev allows users to build Build faster websites.

Today, we would be looking at the role hummingbird plays in terms of website speed and performance.

Website speed is an important feature that cannot be compromised. Honestly, nobody likes a slow website. So, if you have a tool to boost your website speed, wouldn’t it be wise to give such a tool a chance?

Hummingbird Pro boasts of unique features that enable it to improve website performance and speed. The tool has an automated reporting feature as well as the ability to fix Google PageSpeed thanks to its comprehensive WP speed optimization suite.

Hummingbird Pro prides itself on its ability to optimize sites by boosting loading speeds. With Hummingbird, site lag is reduced considerably thanks to file compression, performance monitoring, asset optimization and so on.

Hummingbird Pro Features

Hummingbird Pro is packed with lots of standout features that will enable users to harness Google PageSpeed opportunities while getting top-quality website optimization. Let’s take a look at some of these features

The Dashboard

The Hummingbird pro dashboard houses the information needed for any optimization. It comes with a nice interface that is accessible to tech and non-tech-based users. The dashboard shows the latest speed test and score. In addition, users can also view the main options available in the plugin.

The Hummingbird dashboard also provides a good insight into the optimizations already carried out and the primary parts of the plugin. It enables tests to be carried out multiple times. This allows users to measure the latest optimization relative to the previous optimization carried out.

It is worth mentioning that the Hummingbird dashboard presents the status of Browser Caching, and Page Cache. What’s more, it enables a Database cleanup that eliminates unused parts for the database. There’s much to say about the hummingbird pro dashboard. Not to mention users can configure Uptime monitor, thus generating more reports on Performance tests and cleanup.

The Performance Test Window

The Performance Test Window displays real-time points on site. It enables tests to be carried out multiple times. This allows users to measure the latest optimization relative to the previous optimization carried out. All of these are fully automated, and you don’t have to do any of the work manually.

Performance Reports

It scans the entire site and provides recommendations on the best possible ways to boost performance. Users can get regular insights by enabling while-labelled email reporting.

Complete Cache Suite

Improve load times by leveraging caching suite. This includes RSS, Browser, 3rd party integration with Op-Cache.

Gzip Compression

With just a click of a button, users can compress JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files using Gzip Compression. Compressed files are naturally smaller in size, and this also translates to quick loaf time. You can compress your files before moving them to the browser

Uptime Monitoring

The server response is regularly checked. Users get notifications when there’s a disruption in site speed.

Hummingbird Pro CDN

Users can reduce server load thanks to the availability of Unlimited CDN which serves files from various locations in the world.

Asset Optimization

One of the standout features of the Hummingbird pro is that it is suitable for both tech and non-tech users. It allows users to combine, compress, and move files to boost page speed without any prior coding experience.

The asset optimization window enables users to customize the various ways assets can be used and handled. I’m addition, users can compress each CSS as they please. With Hummingbird Pro, users can turn each CSS file optimization individually. This eliminates the need to worry about exclusions and even file names.

Smush Pro Integration

Smooth integration with Smush Pro. This helps to optimize images added to the site with a click of a button.

Usability Hummingbird Pro

One of the peculiar features of the Hummingbird Pro is its usability. A walk through the dashboard shows lots of coherencies especially when it comes to various aspects of the tool. The disposition of the content on the dashboard is well distributed. What’s more, the presence of a coherent interface makes it easy for both tech and non-tech users.

Hummingbird Pro is a wonderful plugin that does a tremendous job of boosting the performance and speed of a site. The Hummingbird Pro does a formidable job of work caching pages, optimization and compression. Its features make it a well-balanced tool for admins, and webmasters.


If you require a complete caching system for WP, with standout features, great usability, and high performance, Hummingbird Pro is an all-in-one solution that permits the integration of numerous caching tools. Hummingbird pro does an incredible job by itself without relying on other plugins. With the addition of unlimited CDN, users can enjoy high speed and performance on their sites. Hummingbird Pro is the optimal solution for WordPress optimization. The plugin takes a comprehensive look at your site and finds the numerous ways it can make it faster. Hummingbird Pro is reinforced with essential features like assets optimization, file compression, performance monitoring, and lots more. Get Hummingbird pro a try today.

Meet WPMU Dev, Your One-Stop Shop For All Your WordPress Requirements

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

WPMU Dev is in the business of offering quality service and high performance and this is evident in the popularity the various WPMU Dev products have gained in the last couple of years. Whether you are hosting a website, or looking for security options, or design a form, or even backup your site, WPMU Dev has something for you.

WPMU Dev has an amazing collection of plugins and themes to cover a plethora of jobs on any WordPress site. From personal projects to customer sites, webmasters and admins rely on WPMU Dev products to offer a seamless service.

The sizeable range of the WPMU Dev free and premium plugins enables WordPress to be a viable option to cater to the needs of any website. From blogs to membership sites, WPMU Dev products allow you to have a highly functional website suitable for a diverse range of markets. You can monetize your website using the WPMU Dev product offering. What’s more, you have essential tools to develop and run your website effectively.

At the moment, WordPress is one of the best content management systems in the market. It has a dose of simplicity and complexity, which makes it ideal for several people. Additional functionality added by tools from WPMU Dev makes WordPress extra appealing to a large consumer base.

By offering a one-all subscription package, WPMU Dev ensures users have access to all their product offerings with a single subscription package. When you take into account the products on offers with the features and service as well, getting a WPMU Dev subscription is worth it.

In addition, WPMU Dev offers a reliable support system. They offer a chat and forum support system that makes it easy for people to get answers to their questions. The support available is fast and knowledgeable.

Deep Dive Into WPMU

Whether you manage a single site or 20, you will want access to reliable tools that can create performance and functionality that match website targets and goals.

When it comes to plugins and website tools, you will want a certain level of usability, user-friendliness and performance. If you can find a tool that offers you more than one functionality from hosting to security, backup and website management, that makes your job easy.

Subscribing to WPMU Dev plugins and hosting gives users tremendous access to an amazing collection of tools for a pocket-friendly fee that scales depending on the number of websites to manage.

One quality that is present in all WPMU Dev products is their attention to providing the best in any field. They bring their A-game always because they want to deliver premium content to clients always.

WPMU Dev provides so much premium content for free, that you know the paid content is worth it. Let’s see what makes WPMU Dev amazing.

We would check out some of the major categories of the suite namely.

  • All-inclusive developer plugin model
  • WordPress Web Hosting

Let’s get started

All-inclusive developer plugin model

The WPMU Dev subscription plan has been WPMU Dev main package. It is what they are known for in the last couple of years. The plugins have earned some plaudits over the years thanks to their quality and performance.

The plugin catalogue includes:

  • Defender Pro for added security
  • Smart Crawl Pro for search engine optimization
  • Smush Pro for image optimization
  • Forminator Pro for building forms
  • Branda Pro for white labelling
  • Hummingbird Pro for website speed and performance
  • Snapshot Pro for backup
  • Shipper from migrating sites between different hosts
  • Beehive for access to Google Analytics
  • And others

Overall, the WPMU Dev Plugin is split into the following areas.

  • Website Management
  • Security
  • Support
  • Marketing
  • Optimization

You can expect quality products with each of these plugins. The WPMU Dev subscription accounts for all of these plugins and more. The complete suite fits the needs of a freelance WordPress Developer.


There is a sizeable array of web hosts online, so it is ideal you pick a host that meets your needs at every time.

For example, speed, user-friendliness, and high bandwidth are essential to e-commerce websites. For easy payments systems, security is key. For a website that deals heavily in pictures, storage is important.

Everyone has different hosting needs.

For a webmaster that works with multiple sites, having access to tools for your clients all in one place is vital. There’s a noticeable drop in efficiency when you have to move from one host to another to manage different clients. This is where WPMU Dev hosting comes into play.

WPMU Dev has been working to improve its product offering and services for clients all over the world. The company has moved into the hosting world by combining hosting with its premium plugins.

WPMU Dev hosting still encapsulates all that is good with other WPMU Dev products. You can expect high-quality service, support and performance.

The best way to describe WPMU Dev Hosting is to call it a hosting hybrid. Right now, it exceeds all other hosting products in the market, and the fact that it comes from the WPMU Dev hosting team gives it another edge. Upon signing up, users hosting accounts are added to their premium plugins.

The hosting product is a combination of cloud hosting, web hosting and WordPress hosting. For each site, WPMU Dev employs Digital Ocean’s cloud, however, this is not a complete cloud hosting package. They also have pre-configuration for WordPress for each site and web hosting. So, the WPMU Dev hosting has a bit of everything.

From the user dashboard to access customer support, WPMU Dev hosting has all the bare-minimum features and more you would want from a host.

Features such as security, backup, and performance optimization are included in the WPMU Dev hosts. WPMU Dev offers these and more thanks to the combined offering of hosting and plugins.


Looking to create, manage and host sites that are secure, fast, high performing and stable? Look no further than WPMU dev. The platform takes an inclusive approach to building, managing and hosting top-quality sites that are different, unique, and high-performing. WPMU dev prides itself in building a platform that prioritizes speed, security, performance and quality. With its collection of top-quality plugins, desirable security solutions, strong marketing properties, rapid content delivery system, WPMU Dev is worth the hype after all.

Branda Pro Allows You To Customise And White Label WordPress Without Writing Any Code

For this article, we’ll be using WPMU DEV hosting and tools. You can get 20% off all WPMU DEV plans here.

If you regularly build websites for people, there’s a need to white label each of them. And Branda Pro is the right tool for that.

The team responsible for Branda Pro is the popular WPMU Dev. They have a sizeable collection of awesome plugins like Hummingbird Pro, Forminator, Defender and much more.

Branda Pro is another exceptional plugin from the WPMU Dev collection. It is one of the best white label plugins in the market. The plugin is easy to use, and it provides formidable features.

In this review guide, we would take a look at some of the plugin features, as well as the benefits of the plugin.

A Brief Introduction on White Labeling       

The white label simply relates to changing the branding of the WP dashboard. Users can customize logos, login, colors and more. Having such customizable options is great when you deal with multiple WordPress sites. The default WordPress dashboard is not everybody’s taste, and it is ideal to have a customizable solution.

Thankfully, Branda Pro does a fine job. It is an easy-to-use plugin with intuitive features.

Let’s get started with the review.

Branda Pro Overview

After the installation and activation process of Branda Pro, users are taken to a dashboard where they can set up their preferences. Using the Branda Pro is easy to use, navigate, and set up.

Let’s get started with the various sections of Branda Pro.

The sections we would be looking at include:


The dashboard houses all the changes you make in addition to widgets used. The dashboard is a house for everything. You can easily access different areas of the plugin from the dashboard.

The dashboard displays various modules including activate/inactive modules, and frequently accessed modules. Simply manage all modules with a click of a button. You can customize all your plugin needs right from your dashboard.

Admin Area

The Admin area allows users to alter admin settings, and activate them individually. The Admin area has an Admin Bar, where users can upload their logo, customize the toolbar, customize menu items, and so on.

Overall, the Admin Area is a powerful feature that provides lots of customizable options like hiding pages, changing color schemes, edit user pages.


The Emails section enables users to customize emailed-related settings. Having an email section is a useful trait for any website.

Customizing default sender email, and selecting already existing templates for emails, are great features to have for any professional site.


This is where the magic happens. The Front-End section is one of the standout features of the plugin. Users can carry out a wide range of customization here. There are lots of options available here. Users can pick a template, edit the background image, customize a login screen. Users can make changes to logo size, colors and much more.

With Front-End settings, you can also customize the user registration screen, header & footer.


Branda Pro enables users to adjust various settings in the utility tab. This section allows users to change things such as set website mode, favicon and so on. Users can set up a custom favicon and place an upload limit for images.


With Branda Pro, you can customize the dashboard to meet your taste and requirements of the website. You can also add links to the dashboard. Links can be added to posts, pages and so on.


The last aspect we would look at is the Settings Section. This area allows users to customize and configure the plugin as they wish.

Take for example users give permissions and authorization for different roles and can choose what happens to data when they uninstall the plugin

Finally, the plugin lets you export and import plugin configuration and use it on different sites.

Using Branda Pro

Branda Pro offers tremendous features to users. There are so many features that make life easy for users. Features are useful and easily accessible to tech and non-tech enthusiasts.

In addition to what we’ve already touched, Branda Pro pro also provides round-the-clock support, email logging and more.

WPMU Dev has a one-in-all subscription plan for its plugin. What this means is that you pay one subscription to get all the plugins under the WPMU Dev umbrella-like Hummingbird pro, Forminator, and so on.

The Features (list)

  • Over 30 modules for customizing WordPress
  • Customize WP admin and dashboard
  • Create custom login screen
  • Custom favicon
  • Customize and white label WP widgets
  • Import/export settings
  • White label Multisite
  • GDPR cookie compliance
  • White label system emails
  • Adjust all white label settings from one location
  • Coming soon and maintenance mode pages
  • Send system emails using SMTP
  • Custom DB error landing page
  • Easily insert analytics tracking codes
  • Customize admin CSS
  • Add author boxes to your posts
  • Disable/enable post commenting


The white-label offers an easy way to customize the dashboard on WordPress sites. Using White Label makes your dashboard professional, leaving clients happy. Branda Pro gives you the option to achieve all of these. It has several features and offers real-time solutions for all White Labeling needs

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