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WordPress Event Themes Collection For You

Here in this article, we have rounded up the WordPress event themes collection for you.



Key Features

  • Responsive layout
  • Based on Boostrap
  • 6 Custom post types
  • WooCommerce support
  • Light & Dark Color Schemes
  • Complete audio and tracklisting management support
  • Soundcloud support included
  • MP3, Shoutcast & Icecast stream music player (Soundmanager2)
  • 16 color schemes (both light and dark, easily create custom ones too)
  • Drag and drop homepage layout
  • Parallax Support
  • Audio player support, streaming audio included
  • Limitless repeating fields for post types
  • Video & Gallery templates
  • Over 50 combinations of listing templates
  • Masonry & Isotope included
  • Advanced custom widgets
  • Translation ready (.po file available)
  • Sample Content and Widgets available
  • Detailed Documentation

More Info | Demo | Price: $58

I Love Rockband

I Love Rockband

Key Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Multi Level Dropdown Menu
  • PSD files included
  • Easy to change Color skins with custom graphics
  • Compatibility with all new browsers
  • Documentation Included
  • Quality source Code

More Info | Demo | Price: $48



Key Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Program Schedule
  • Speakers Lineup
  • Unlimited Colors and Sidebars
  • Advertising Manager
  • Translation options

More Info | Demo | Price: $43



Key Features

  • Google Events markup via Rich Snippets
  • Front-end submission form with validation and email notice
  • Font awesome support
  • Expired posts get hidden from calendar
  • Theme options via WP Theme Customizer
  • Responsive layout
  • Translation ready
  • .POT file included
  • 15 home page combinations
  • Layout control
  • Unique calendar layout
  • Supports Google custom fonts library
  • WordPress custom background support
  • Unlimited link color options
  • Easy logo customization
  • Easy accent/link color control
  • WordPress menu support
  • Easy thumbnail images with built-in WordPress system (no TimThumb)
  • Advanced jQuery animations and effects

More Info | Demo | Price: $48



Key Features

  • Responsive (up to 320px wide)
  • HTML5 validated code
  • Bootstrap framework
  • 10+ Shortcodes available
  • Full featured calendarized events
  • Masonry layout for events
  • Categorized events with custom colors
  • Event venues management
  • Widgetized footer
  • Social buttons
  • Theme Options
  • Unlimited colors and backgrounds

More Info | Demo | Price: $43



Key Features

  • Responsive
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • jPlayer jQuery plugin
  • jQuery Curtain Slider
  • Events Calendar

More Info | Demo | Price: $48



Key Features

  • Slightly old-fashioned design
  • Online ticket reservation with simple PayPal shopping cart
  • Rotated cards with YouTube video and images for Home page
  • Horror sound for navigation on hover
  • Sticky post with burning effect (canvas)
  • Page templates (optional) for Home, Events, Tickets, Gallery, About, Guestbook (6 page templates in total)
  • 1 custom post type: Events
  • 9 plugins: custom widgets, metaboxes etc
  • 2 navigational areas + sliding panel with full menu on mobile
  • Subtle animations, elegant fonts, combined light-dark colour scheme
  • Fits fairly well any screen resolution
  • Easy navigation with keyboard
  • Landmarks / ARIA roles (for people with disabilities)
  • Translation ready
  • Backend with thumbnails

More Info | Demo | Price: $53



Key Features

  • Fully Responsive layout
  • Page Weight optimized for mobile devices
  • Mobile Optimised Menu
  • Child Theme support
  • Eventbrite integration
  • Awesome animated homepage built with our Frontpage template
  • 10 page templates (agenda,events lists, events list with pictures, event, fullwidth, frontpage, speaker, speakers listing, sponsor, sponsor listings)
  • Events, sponsors and speakers based on custom fields from posts.
  • Agenda shortcode for displaying events.
  • Support for Post Formats
  • 6 suggested color styles with option to choose own colors
  • Auto-sized Post Thumbnails (WP-powered)
  • All Theme Options available in Theme Customizer with live preview
  • 3 recommended widgets (news show pro, tabs, widget rules)
  • Translatable, includes .mo and .po files
  • Support for Social Network

More Info | Demo | Price: $43

Ten ‘Must’ WordPress Snippets


Remove or Hide Admin Menu Links for Certain or Specific Users or Roles

The following snippet will let you remove as well as hide admin menu links for certain users or role.

Source: Snipplr

Get all media attached to a post

The following snippet will allow you to get all media attached to a post

Source: Pippinsplugins.com

Filter Category from Blog Page

The following snippet will filter category from the blog page

Source: brettwidmann.com

Custom Admin Login Logo & Alt Text

The snippet will allow you to have custom admin login logo and alt text

Source: Snipplr

Prev/Next wordpress loop links

Add the following snippet to previous/next loop links

Source: WordPress Codex

Admin Footer Modification

Source: Snipplr

Query a custom taxonomy

The following snippet will allow you to query a custom taxonomy, using the taxquery parameter

Source: Snipplr

Remove Personal Options from Profile Menu

The following snippet will allow you to remove personal options from personal menu

Source: Snipplr

Exclude Category from Feed

The following snippet will allow you to exclude category from feed

Load jQuery from CDN, fallback to local

Add the following snippet to your theme’s functions.php file

Source: Snipplr

Photo Credit: Flickr/hackNY.org

10 WordPress Snippets That You Don’t Want To Miss

Computer Programming

Update WordPress URL

Adding the following snippet to function.php file will let you update WordPress URL

Source: Snipplr

WordPress WP_ Settings

The snippet let you set some WordPress directories / paths directly to the server name.

Source: Snipplr

Access Request URI for template reuse

The following snippet will let you access request URI for template reuse

Source: Kovshenin

WordPress Widget Basic Stucture

Source: Snipplr

WordPress Child Theme

The following snippet will let you sort out the stylesheet

Source: doitwithwp.com

Custom Menus in WordPress

Source: Snipplr

SQL query to delete all media and attachments

The following snippet will delete all media in the library and remove all post attachments.

Source: WordPress.org

Simple iframe shortcode

Using the snippet will let you take iframe parameters and build an iframe through a shortcode

Source: Snipplr

Disable the WordPress file editor

The following snippet will disable the WordPress file editor

Automatically link Twitter usernames

Paste the snippet in the function.php file of your theme and it will let you automatically link Twitter usernames

Source: Snipplr

Search Posts by Custom Post Type

The snippet will let you search posts by custom post types

Source: WP-Snipp

Photo Credit: Flickr/Brad Montgomery

Ten ‘Must’ WordPress Snippets For Your Blog

Computer Program -3

Reduce spam by using .htaccess

Adding the following shortcode will let you reduce spam on your WordPress blog by using .htaccess. Simply paste the following lines into your .htaccess file but also make a note that you do make a backup of your .htaccess file before editing it.

Source: AllGuru.net

Display a thumbnail of any website

Simply paste the code below into your functions.php file.

Once done, you can use the snap shortcode:

Source: Geekeries.fr

Easily remove weird characters from your WordPress database

The shortcode will remove the weird characters from your WordPress database. All you have to do is simply run the following SQL query on your nWordPress database via the command line client or PhpMyAdmin.

Source: Jeff Starr

How to change WordPress editor font

Adding the following shortcode to your functions.php file will let you change the default WordPress editor font.

Source: DevPress

Removing the “read more” jump

Adding the shortcode into your functions.php file will remove the “read more” link from your blog which will automatically takes you to the article page.

Source: Alex Denning

Quick maintenance mode

Paste the following code into your functions.php file and you will be able to easily implement a maintenance mode on your WordPress blog.

Source: Skyje

Disable theme changing

Simply paste the code in your functions.php file to disable theme changing.

Source: Steve Taylor

Redirect feeds to a single format

Adding the following shortcode to your .htaccess file will let you direct all your feeds to a single format.

Source: Digging into WordPress

Simpler WordPress login url

Adding the following code to your .htaccess file will let you have the simpler WordPress login url.

Source: Kevin Chard

How to modify size of embedded videos

On adding the following shortcode to your theme’s functions.php file will let you modify the size of embedded videos.

Source: Shailan

Photo Credit: Flickr/hackNY.org

What Are The Reasons To Learn C #?

The C # offers various basic and advanced C # concepts. C # language is both for beginners and professionals. C # is a .Net Framework programming language.

The C # consist all C # themes, control instructions, objects and classes, inheritance, constructor, destructor, this, static, sealed, polymorphism, abstraction, abstract type, interface, namespace, encapsulation, properties, indexer, arrays, strings, regular expressions, exception handling, multiple sub-processes, IO files, collections, etc. C # is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that refers as “C sharp”. It was developed by Microsoft led by Anders Hejlsberg and his team members within the the.Net initiative and permit by the European Association of Computer Manufacturers (ECMA) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). C # is famous amongst the languages for Common Language Infrastructure, and the latest version of C # is version 7.2. C # is very much related to Java syntactically and is simple for users who have the basic knowledge of C, C ++ or Java.

A bit of.Net Framework

The .Net applications are multiway platform applications, and the Framework can utilize from languages such as C ++, C #, Visual Basic, COBOL, etc. It is planned in a way so that other languages can use it.

Why #?

C # has various other reasons to be famous and in demand. Some of the reasons are mentioning below:

1. Easy to start: C sharp is high-level language, so it is similar to additional popular programming languages such as C, C ++ and Java and, therefore, it is easy to learn for everyone.

2. Widely used to develop desktop and web applications: C # is broadly used to expand web applications and desktop applications. It is single, and mainly popular languages utilize in the professional desktop. If someone wants to build Microsoft applications, C # is the language.

3. Community: the more significant the community, the better the measure that new tools and software will be developed to improve it. C # has a vast community, so the developments are made to exist in the system and not turn into extinct.

4. Game development: C # is broadly utilized in game development and will carry on dominating. C # incorporates with Microsoft and, therefore, has a broad target audience. The features of C # like automatic garbage collection, interfaces, object orientation, etc. make C # a trendy game development language.

Starting with programming in C #:

Find a compiler:

There are several online IDEs, like GeeksforGeeks ide, CodeChef ide, etc., which can be utilized to run C # programs without installing.

Windows: Since the C #  produces within the Microsoft .NET framework initiative, it offers several IDE to execute C # programs: Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio Express, Visual Web Developer

Linux: Mono can be utilized to run C # programs on Linux.

Programming in C #:

Since C # is very similar to other syntactic languages, it is simple to code and learn in C #.

Programs can be written in C # in any text editors such as Notepad ++, gedit, etc. or in any of the compilers. After printing the code, save the particular file with the extension cs.

Reasons to learn C sharp

Modernized language

C # is an add-on version of C ++. Previously programmers had the C language, which utilized. C ++ started adding orientation to objects in C, and C ++ became the “real” application creation language for Windows (according to C ++ developers). C ++ was utilize to write infrastructure and applications which is low level, while Visual Basic developers use to write business applications.

C # brings VB’s rapid development pattern to the world of C ++ developers, with several clear changes. C # takes the benefits of .NET Framework, which means it has the right to use a powerful forms engine, like the VB developers, have had for many years. New data types have been extra, Like the type of decimal data to perform financial computation.

Type of security

C # is a secure type, which means several things. For example, programmers cannot make use of uninitialized variables. In C ++ it is straightforward to declare a variable and then verify its value. The C # compiler will inform the user if the user tries to utilize a variable before they have initialized it to some value. With C #, user cannot go past the end of an array, as a user has been capable of doing in C and C ++ for years.


In C # simple data types can be treated as objects, which mean that an int has associated methods. For example, a programmer can utilize the ToString method to get a string value for int, as shown follow.

Int Counter = 14;

Console.Write (Counter.ToString ());

Besides, literal strings can be treated as objects and support a range of methods, like Trim, ToUpper, ToLower, and many others, as shown here:

Console.Write (“hello, world” .ToUpper ());

Capabilities in several languages

C # can allow the programmer to interoperate with any other language in the .NET platform. C # also facilitates the concept of error handling in various languages.

XML Comments

C # supports the beginning of XML comments. Far from being just one more way to append comments to the code, XML comments can become the part of the documentation. Comments are positioned in XML format and can then be utilized as necessary to document the particular code. This documentation may comprise sample code, parameters and indication to other topics. Finally, it makes intellect for a developer to document their code since those comments can become documentation self-regulating of the source code. This C# general purpose language was initially produced by Microsoft to be utilized to develop applications on the Microsoft platform, and C # developers like the language because it is pleasant to apply and well designed. If a programmer wants to build apps for the Microsoft platform, then the programmer must naturally learn C #.

15 Most Useful And Required WordPress Snippets

Computer Program

Change footer-text in WP Admin

Using the code will change the text in the bottom of the WP admin pages.

Include Future Posts in RSS Feed

Adding the snippet to your theme’s functions.php file will let you appear your future posts in your RSS feed.

Remove meta-boxes

Using this snippet, you can remove the meta-boxes you don’t use.

Remove Gallery Settings

Gallery setting often make you irritated. The following snippet will simply remove all the gallery settings from the media upload section. All you have to do is simple add the code in your functions.php file.

Remove Login Shake

The following snippet has to be added to functions.php and it will remove the “wrong password” screen shake.

QR Code With Article Link

To have the QR-code rendered for every article, just insert the following snippet inside the WordPress loop.

Detect iPhone Users

The following snippet will helps you detect visitors which are using an iPhone, allowing you to create a better experience for them.

Remove Pages Columns

The code will allow you to remove a column from pages.

Enable debug mode

Add this to your wp-config.php and you will be able to debug your WordPress blog if something went wrong.

Check PHP Version

Since WordPress 3.2 version made its debut, PHP 5.2.4 is required for it to run. The time ever since development of plugins for this version come into existence you might require to check that whether the PHP version is up to date or not.

Hide admin ‘help’ tab

Seeing the ‘help’ tab all the time in the top right corner of the WordPress admin area will be a devastating experience for your clients. In order to let avoid such conditions on not to happen for them, simply add the following snippet in your functions.php template.

Hide ‘Screen Options’ Tab

If you hated the way the Screen Options tab appearing in front of you in your admin area, then adding this snippet to your functions.php template will do the trick for you. Simply add it.

Change Admin logo

Give your Admin panel a brand look just like whole of your blog; change the logo in the Admin panel with an image of your choice by using this snippet.

Get top level categories / taxonomy

The following code will allow you to get the top level categories and taxonomy.

Dynamic copyright text

The snippet below allows you to create an amazing copyright text for your footer by automatically updating the date using the the_date() function. Just add the code in to your footer.php file.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Helen Cook

WordPress Snippets – The ‘One’ You Don’t Want To Miss


Loading All Posts From The Current Week

The following snippet will allow you to load all the posts from the current week.

Source: MarketPress – Christian Brückner

Breadcrumb Without Plugin

While there are numbers of plugins available to breadcrumb your WordPress blog or website BUT what if you can do the same with simply adding the following snippet at your theme’s functions.php file.

Once done, open header.php and call the function:

Source: emoticode.net

Changing Dashboard Help Tab Contents

Using the following snippet, you will be able to change the contents of your dashboard help tab.

Source: WP Tuts

Automatically Adding Paragraph Tags

While using the wpautop(), WordPress itself add paragraph tags to the content and the excerpt BUT if in case you requires to add paragraph tags to any text automatically, then use the following snippet for the purpose.

Source: Daniel Pataki

How To Login In A WordPress User Programmatically

The following snippet will allow you to login in a WordPress user programmatically.

Followed by, to log in a user, do the following:

Source: evilsocket

Bringing Single-Column Dashboard Back To WordPress 3.8

With recently introduced WordPress 3.8, a whole new way to display the dashboard BUT if in case, you don’t like the way, then adding the following snippet to your theme’s functions.php will let you bring back single-column dashboard.

Source: Jeff Starr

Ordering Posts By Two Meta Values

By default, WordPress allows you to sort results of a query by one meta value, BUT if you want to order posts by two meta values, then adding the following snippet will help.

Source: WP Recipes

Displaying Recently Registered Users

The following snippet will display recently registered users.

Source: emoticode.net

Snippets Collection 5


Author Bio Excerpt

The snippet below will let you have the author bio excerpt.

Disable Self Trackbacks

The following snippet will let you disable self trackbacks.

Remove Login Shake

The following snippet has to be added to functions.php and it will remove the “wrong password” screen shake.

Only Show Admin Bar To Administrators

The following snippet will let you show the admin bar to administrators.

QR Code With Article Link

To have the QR-code rendered for every article, just insert the following snippet inside the WordPress loop.

Snippets Collection 4


Disable Plugin Updates

The snippet below will allow you to disable plugin updates.

List all categories with posts

The snippet below will let you list all categories with posts.

Override WordPress and Site URL

The following snippet will let you override WordPress and site URL.

Get the first link in post

The following snippet will let you get the first link in post.

Check if sidebar has widgets

The snippets checks that if a sidebar of your website having any widget areas in it or not.

Snippets Collection 3


Redirect your Author archive link to your “About” page

The following snippet will let you redirect your author archive link to your website’s about us page.

Change Image Path Only

The following snippet will let you change image path only.

Add Thumbnails in Manage Posts/Pages List

The following snippet will let you add thumbnails in manage posts/pages list.

Checks if the visitor is from mobile device

The following snippet will let you checks if the visitor is from mobile device or not.

Add titles to previous_post_link & next_post_link

The following snippet will let you add titles to previous and next post links.

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