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WP Smush is one of the leading plugins in WordPress when it comes to image optimization and image compression. Boasting more than a million installations on WordPress, WP Smush is one of the very popular plugins used by so many people all over the world.

In this review guide, we would be looking at why WP Smush is very popular and widely used by WP users.

WP Smush is designed by reliable developers from WPMU Dev, who are renowned WordPress developers known for developing some of the best plugins on WordPress. Take, for example, Defender Pro is an elite security plugin for WP sites and Hummingbird does a great job of speeding sites via optimization and caching options.

With the already laid out points, we can safely say that Smush Pro is in an elite category of WordPress plugins. Thus, we can safely say that it is a reliable image optimizer, capable of working in different WordPress sites.

Note, WPMU Dev has a pricing plan for all its plugins. There are various pricing tier systems that users can take advantage of at any time.

Let’s get started with the Smush Pro Review and see if it is worth the hype and the popularity.

Why Smush Pro?

Nothing beats fast-performing sites. Speed is one of the top priorities of any site. If your website is too slow, there are chances you won’t turn those visitors into full-time clients. Many site owners wish for faster sites. In some cases they even end up deleting all images, just to ensure the site is fast. But you shouldn’t take such extreme steps if you want to make your site faster. There’s a better way, and Smush Pro is that way.

Generally, plugins that carry out image optimization, and compression for WP sites create an environment where you can optimize your site for speed and performance without you having to delete images from the website. First things first, images are very important in sites. They add aesthetics and that extra bit of taste to any site. Nobody wants to see a page with just a monotonous test. Readers love the combination of high-quality pictures and content. Having the right image can help with post and content optimization. On the flip side, large images can drastically reduce loading speed. It is well established that users and search engines abhor slow sites. So, how do you balance search engine optimization, speed, and visual aesthetics? This is where a Smush pro comes into the picture.

WPMU Dev Smush Pro

Image compression is all about reducing image size without reducing the quality. While this can be done manually, it can be a long process and very tiring. Smush pro offers a smarter way to do this.

With Smush pro, you can easily compress and optimize images automatically. It comes with default and customizable options that compress, fine-tune, and optimize your old and new images.

Don’t have any clue on how to use the plugin? Don’t worry, the default options are reasonable for users with little tech background.

Smush Pro Features

Smush Pro is a game-changer when it comes to image compression, optimization and resizing. It works with WPMU Dev servers which gives it an extra push in terms of performance and service delivery. It can remove bulky and irrelevant elements from images without compromising the image aesthetics and quality

There’s more! The plugin does a fine job of optimizing Amazon S3 images in addition to other images from themes. Integration is also a key aspect of Smush Pro. It can work seamlessly with other plugins.

Right now, let’s check some of the features of the plugin, and see why it is a popular choice for admins and webmasters.

Here are some of the features:

  • Automatically Smush all images on site with a click
  • Compression of big files
  • Restore original images
  • Retrieve original images with a click
  • Resize images using default or custom settings
  • Convert images from different types.
  • Keep metadata attached to files
  • Optimize images from within media library and outside media library
  • Convert and optimize images to new formats
  • Receive notification for the wrong size

Benefits of using Smush Pro

  • Provides unlimited image compression and optimization.
  • Automatically compresses and optimizes uploaded images
  • Users can remove unnecessary data and information from images. This includes the date, time, timestamps, settings and so on.
  • The plugin works seamlessly with WP Multisite
  • Access image compression statistics
  • Smush Pro uses independent serves, and this plays a key role in the speed and performance of the plugin.


There’s so much to love about the Smush Pro. In our Smush Pro review, we looked at some of the stand-out points and features of the WPMU plugin. We also touched on essential areas where the image optimizer is useful. Smush Original is one of the best image optimizer plugins for WordPress sites. As a bonus, the subscription model comes with other WPMU Dev plugins. Smush Pro is a great plugin, and it offers so much than other image optimizer plugins in the market.