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Moving WordPress From One Domain To Another


In real it isn’t that much difficult to move whole of your WordPress website from one domain to another if all the steps followed properly. You will find plenty of resources over the web which Read More

Getting Your WordPress Site ‘System Information’ Quickly

System Snapshot Report

Quite a time when you feel a need on to find out your WordPress hosting environment system information, including PHP version installed, filesize limits, among others. While you can grab all this Read More

Creating A Table Of Content In WordPress

While we covered earlier about a plugin name Table Read More

Getting The Complete phpinfo() In WordPress

It is quite a time when asking for support; the developers might require some additional PHP information. The information includes like system information, build date, configure command, server API, Read More

Showcase Your WordPress Themes & Websites At Wp-Radar.com Today


When working with WordPress themes, one can come across certain difficulties. It can be a technical one or simply one involving the look of the theme, a little about a side bar sticking out too Read More

Moving A WordPress Website To A New Host With Zero Downtime

WordPress Settings

Whether for one reason or for other, you did want to get rid of your current hosting provider. For the transaction, the first thing which definitely comes in your mind is that whether my website Read More

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Website Tension Free

WordPress CMS

Working on number of websites definitely causes a big havoc to you but what about managing all such WordPress websites of yours tension free. Well, the answer is YES, you can manage all the sites Read More

Adding Custom Navigation Images In Your WordPress Website

Nav Menu Images

With new and new WordPress themes coming into existence, you too wish to update your theme with adding some more styling to it. While options are many BUT the one such main which you will be interested Read More

What You Prefer? Full Post Or Excerpt For Your Archive Pages


It’s quite a confusing task when one summoned on which one to use for archive pages – full post or just an excerpt. While both options got its own advantage and disadvantage and this is what Read More

WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Perfect


So you are just a step away from launching your website (ofcourse based on WordPress platform) BUT dazzled on the way on thinking that what WordPress plugins you will be requiring Read More

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