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15+ Amazing Free Google Plus Icons

With Google Plus just started as an experimental social media trial, and now just in short time span it’s making huge waves in the world. Google Plus not only interests individual but it is making Read More

Best Available Free Icon Sets For You

Here in this article, we have showcased the best available free icon sets for you. Hope you like the list.

#1 Pixel UI Icon Set


Source: Click Here

#2 IconSweets


Source: Click Here

#3 Brocolli Dry Icons

Brocolli Dry Icons

Source: Click Here

#4 Metro UI Icon Set

Metro UI Icon Set

Source: Click Here

#5 Ultimate Web Designer’s Icon Set

Read More

The Free Icon Sets You Definitely Wish To Use

Not a doubt, being smallest in size, icon designs are ignored most of the time when someone building a new website. But, if one check on ground reality, icons plays a very important role one wish to Read More

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