Well with time, when you single post turned into large number of posts in few months period and you will now get tangled with lots of stuff in your website. You wondered on finding out what are the different stats the site bringing in. The stats will be anything says total posts, total comments and so on. Just with same contextual, a reader of ours ask what we can do in order to get the total word count stats in WordPress, so that one can see word counts.

Word Stats

In this article, we are going to discuss about the plugin name Word Stats which will help you achieving the same. To start with you need to install and activate the plugin first. Once activated, you will see Word Stats link in your Dashboard area while clicking on it will take you to the word count stats page.

The plugin will bring you the stats showing total number of published word counts for different post types as well as different authors on board. Moreover, it allows you to search the word counts via using filters like keywords or from a specified time period and so on. The plugin will also let you show the word count to your users.

Plugin In Use: Word Stats Plugin

Word Stats adds a suite of linguistic diagnostics to help you keep track of your content and improve its quality. The reports page lets you select an author and period to analyze, and displays:

  • The total word count.
  • The number and percentage of posts of each post type.
  • The top 20 keywords.
  • The percentage of posts of basic, intermediate and advanced readability level.
  • A graph with monthly word counts for each post type.
  • Diagnostics tables, with links to edit the posts that may be too short, too long, too difficult, too simple, lack relevant keywords or abuse certain keywords.

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