Meet LookShift, A Smart Repository Of Responsive Themes At Unbeatable Price


It is not uncommon to come across some good looking theme for your website, only to find it either steeply priced or simply not available for the platform that you frequently use. It is disheartening to let go of the theme that you are sure matches your website, especially if you have been maintaining the site on your own and do not have the experience of a web developer at hand. However, the next time you stumble across a similar situation, you could actually turn to LookShift for a possible solution.

LookShift is a smart repository of responsive themes that are available for a variety of platforms and compatible with many languages and still available at affordable prices to one and all. Instead of charging you a fee for each theme that you download and use, LookShift grants you access to all its themes once you sign up for the service.


The best part of signing up for LookShift is that it is not only hassle free but once your payment goes through, you get immediate and full access to all the themes. There are no tiers in the membership packages or restrictions to the number of times you can use the theme. And all this for an unbelievably small fee of $1.29 a month!

LookShift’s package of themes is great for developers as well since the themes it offers are also available across all popular content management themes such as WordPress, Joomla, DotNetNuke etc. So, for a small subscription fee, the same theme can be used across different platforms and with no limits for the number of times a theme can be downloaded, the same theme can be used for different clients, without any issues.

The only restriction on using the subscription is that it is owned by the person who has signed up and sharing of usernames and passwords with colleagues and friends is not allowed. But with such a small subscription fee and so much to offer, users would hardly mind this restriction.


All themes available with LookShift are compatible with different language styles, irrespective of their layouts, whether left to right or right to left. So, as a developer, you could have clients anywhere in the world and cater to their needs with this simple subscription. LookShift currently offers 400 different themes across various platforms and different styles and will add more themes to its database as it continues to grow from strength to strength.

One important thing to note, however, is that you must have an active subscription to continue using themes from LookShift. So, you could be using one theme from them or probably 10 or even more, but your account has to be active to continue using them all. Help is always a message away and you can even go through the library of responsive themes available at LookShift before you decide to subscribe to this service. Payments are secure over PayPal and can be cancelled any time, if you no longer wish to continue using the themes.

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The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team at JustWP is a team of WordPress experts led by Karan Chopra.

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  • Elena Watson

    Thanks Karan for bringing such an amazing product in front of us. I will be subscribing it shortly and even sharing it with all my tech team members. Thanks again.

  • Karenn White

    Your article comes in front of me at the time when I am looking forward for such a single solution where I will get multi-niche CMS solution and the best part which I feel is that the offers. Will becoming a part of it soon.

    • Glad to hear that. If in case you need any support, feel free to revert back.

  • Laura Reeves

    Karan, I got one question like as the post reads the subscription is on month basis and one can use it till the time he/she wants. My question is what will be the possibilities if one already paid for whole year and he/she wants to cancel it in between for any reasons.

    • Laura, the best part of LookShift is that you will charged on per month basis only and say as you mentioned for any reason, you want to cancel it, then you will be charged for (and till) that month only. While further to add, I must admit here that LookShift comes with an amazing pricing of just $1.29 per month which I believe everyone can considerably fit in their monthly budget.

  • Emily Nickless

    A great post and product Karan. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joe Taylor

    As a designer/developer duo, I always wondered what brings the best thing in I can use and thanks your post was shared earlier today by my friend to refer at. Well I will definitely give LookShift a chance.

    • Glad my post reached to you Joe. While I assure you, opting for LookShift will be the right decision for you. 🙂 In case any further assistance required, please free to buzz me up.