According to recent statistics, 70 percent of shoppers abandon a cart. Put simply, 7 out of 10 shoppers are likely to abandon their cart and never complete their purchases. Given the size of that number, it shows that there are several opportunities been wasted.

Now, people abandon their carts for various reasons, and it is difficult to erase cart abandonment. However, you can drop the rate at which people abandon the cart in your store. Lowering the rate by a few percent would have a positive impact on your store revenue.

One effective way to reduce cart abandonment rate is through recovery plugins. These plugins reduce the rate at which shoppers abandon cart, and also convert those shoppers into full-time customers. One of the leading cart recovery plugins for WooCommerce is Retainful.

Getting To Know Retainful

Retainful is one of the leading cart abandonment recovery plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce. The plugin enables shoppers to recover lost carts with just one click and finalize their purchase. The plugin allows you to send various arrays of recovery emails to be sent to customers who abandon the cart.

Users can send automated abandonment cart reminders to customers’ emails sent on specific time intervals. Users have the chance to personalize each email sent. The plugin also provides abandoned cart reports. These reports contain abandoned cart value, and so on.

The plugin takes things a step further and provides you with a platform to send coupons to customers as a way to entice them and convert them to loyal customers.

Features Of Retainful

  • Analyze reports on conversions and cart recovery
  • Use email reminders to recover lost sales
  • Automatic abandoned cart recovery emails
  • Send specific next purchase coupons
  • Create visually appealing emails using visual email builder
  • A single cart recovery tool
  • Easy to use email templates

Retainful Pricing

Retainful is available in 4 packages

  • The free plan allows up to 300 contacts $0
  • The starter plan allows up to 2000 contacts $7/month
  • The growth plan allows up to 5000 contacts $23/month
  • The professional plan allows up to 25000 contacts $79/month


Retainful enables you to implement trusted strategies designed to enable you to get more from your online store. It is no news that abandoned carts pose a massive problem to store owners. But this problem can be alleviated thanks to cart recovery plugins like Retainful. Retainful can help in recovery carts, as well as incentivize buyers to become regular shoppers with the use of smart coupons. You can try out the free and premium options to see how the plugin can help you generate more revenue from your store.