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There are times when you just can do without a tablet cover, the feel of the metal on your fingers, you get to work with the true weight of the tablet, and most of the time, you are just waiting to get your entertainment device, the best and the most unique sleeve there is in the market. Many a times what you get in stores is just what you see someone on the bus or the train carrying. If you are looking for something unique and new, is the best place to find new iPad covers.

Cover Case - 2

Tablet covers need to be sturdy, offer great hand support and an added bonus – look attractive, and with this Star and Stripes Pattern and lanyard holes – tablet cover you get all three. Weighing just less than 300 grams, the tablet cover is a great sleeve for any light weight tablet, without taking away the feel that you have invested in a feather light tablet.

The back supports a flexible stand that props up your entertainment piece for you to enjoy what you are watching, while you sit up, stand or even lay down. The case is made up of Silicon and PU leather. Gearbest offers this incredible PU silicon iPad cover, with stars stripes and lanyard holes for a great deal of only $10.63. This is almost $8 lesser than the marketed price, which gives you a 41% discount which is an excellent bargain.

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So what are you waiting for, if you are interested you can find this iPad cover on for free shipping. Once you place the order, you will have this unique PU silicon iPad sleeve within 3 to 5 business days.