Instagram is a rave, whether or not you are on the photo sharing app, you cannot be immune to the mesmerising effects and the beauty that is Instagram. And how glorious are those 15 second long videos. Ever since the addition of sharing videos on the app, the need to get hold on those 15 second pieces has become an obsession. Thankfully now there are a number of software’s that are available out there that can help download and save instagram videos that are nothing short of art, beauty and humour.

So here are a few software to help you download videos with ease on Instagram.

If you have an android device nothing works better that the Instube. This free android application can be used for downloading music as well as video content from sites such as YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud as well as Instagram. All you have to do is download the application, once installed; you can click on any video and start downloading.

If you are not an Android user, there are other options available for you. InstaDown is another great way to download video content. With InstDown you don’t have to install the app on your device, all you do is go to the site, put in the desired url and hit download and the site does the rest for you.

If you are an Apple user, things can get isolated and tricky, but you don’t have to feel left out. If you fancy a video and want it on your Apple device, your best option is Flow, a free Instagram client that integrates Instagram with your Apple device. An added bonus with Flow is that you get a better smoother experience once you download Flow. And what’s more, downloading videos from Instagram is just a click away.